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Your Best Friend Taking Up Your Bed

You wake up to that fluffy head

And his body taking up your bed.


Wet kisses start upon your face

And you don’t mind the lack of personal space.


Cause that little guy tugs at your heart

Even when tearing your room apart.


He’s there when you are feeling sad

And makes you calmer when you’re mad.


And cocks his head to one side

When he’s confused or thinks you lied.


You chuckle when he tries to talk

By making groans and sometimes a squawk.


Or how excited he is to eat

Or go for a walk or get a treat!


It’s those little things you hold so dear

And make you always want him near.


You know his love he will always send

Because your dog is your very best friend.

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Your Canine Powerhouse

Need a dog,
Who’ll stand up tall,
To a stranger? Or a mouse?

Big or small,
I sure am mighty,
I’m your canine powerhouse!

Want a friend,
Who’s surely there,
Through thick, thin and in between?

Good or bad,
I pledge service as,
A loyal pal who says what he means.

Hope to meet,
A constant companion,
Who’s tough but loving and kind?

Well, I hope that’s me,
Your canine powerhouse
– the best dog you’ll ever find!

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Is It Puppy Love?

Is it puppy love?

Are you struck, By something, Inexplicable?

Sounds like puppy love.

A yearning,
In your heart, That resembles…?

The feeling I speak of.

In an instant,
A mysterious, Happiness grips you…

You just can’t get enough.

It’s disarming,
It’s delightful,
It’s shockingly sweet…

It’s some warm, fuzzy stuff.

If you “get”,
Where this is going,
And you know you feel it, too…

It can only be puppy love!

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Just Call Me Fido

It began with Fidelis,
Meaning faithful,
Or fidelity.

It then became Fido,
But retained its,

No need to adopt,
The Latinized,

Just call me Fido,
When you want,
My attention.

I’m not the stuffy,

So I don’t need,
Royal treatment,
Or hype.

Just call me Fido,
And we’ll be,

‘Cause, Fidelis?
Came way before,
My time!

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Dog Sitter Blues

From the moment,
I took the call,
From your owner,

I could tell that,
You’d already,
Started to wonder.

From the moment,
I packed my bag,
For the weekend,

I could guess that,
For you, the start,
Was the end.

From the moment,
My pickup truck,
Came into view,

I could see that,
My presence made,
A mess out of you.

From the moment,
Your master called,
To say he was near,

I couldn’t ignore your,
It was that clear.

From the moment,
I was hired,
I’ve had the dog-sitter blues.

‘Cause I long,
To be missed,
By a dog just like you!

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Dog with a Split Personality

Playful me.

Terrible me.

Adorable me.

Destructive me.


Quiet me.

Barky me.

Attentive me.

Self-centered me.


Sleepy me.

Vigilant me.

Tranquil me.

Rambunctious me.


Gentle me.

Ferocious me.

Protective me.

Possessive me.


Happy me.

Grumpy me.

Affectionate me.

Disenfranchised me.


Just like you,

I sometimes,

Suffer from a,

Split personality!

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10 Ways to Show This Dog Some Love

Need a list of “10 Ways to Show This Dog Some Love”? Here ya go!

  1. Throw me a bone now and then, will ya?
  2. Take me for a walk BEFORE hitting the snooze button.
  3. Consider paying a professional to give me my next pedicure.
  4. When the urge to dress me up strikes you, reconsider for a minute.
  5. If someone we don’t like passes by, thank me for scaring them – just once!
  6. Dig out those tasty treats I got for the holidays and toss me one for no reason.
  7. Ignore the fact that I got muddy paw prints all over your clean kitchen floor.
  8. Look away, if at all possible, while I do some “housekeeping” of my own.
  9. Let it be OK for me to take up the whole couch for just a little while.
  10. Quick: Stop what you’re doing and scratch behind my ears – ahhh!
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Your Canine Crusader

So many movies,
And TV shows,
Feature one person,
Who instinctively knows…

What needs protecting, Who’s in a bind,
Who’s in a pickle,
Of one – or another – kind.

So many people,
Prattle on about traits,
Like personal strength,
Or what courageousness takes…

Doing the hard stuff,
Being there for others,
Seeing the big picture,
And caring ‘bout your brothers.

So many times,
I think I fail to be, The canine crusader, You once saw in me…

Protective, Observant, Reflective, And obedient.

And, yet,
You love me,
Despite my flaws,
Or, maybe, because of them?

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It’s Doggie Time

Know how you get up, And I’m ready to go? That’s because,
It’s doggie time!

Know how I pace,
In the kitchen,
While I wait?
That’s doggie time, too!

Know how I jump,
With excitement,
In the hall?
I blame it on doggie time!

Know how I sometimes, Knock you over,
When you bring me my leash? Doggie time’s commenced.

Know how I wait,
By the door, Impatiently?
Doggie time’s a tickin’.

Know how I often,
Guess what your next,
Move is gonna be?
I’m on doggie time – internally!

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Bow Bow and The Bunnies

As I wake up in the morning

Snuggled in my bed

Looking at my Bow Bow

Staring at my head

So, I hopped out of bed

And said, “What’s a matter Bow Bow?”

“Did you lose your big bone?”




So, we headed in the yard

We went straight,

Toward the big red gate

And a little toward the right was bow bow’s big red bone

Right next to the big red cone

But something wasn’t right

Farmer Joe’s barn doors weren’t shut tight

“Oh, no why are the big red doors open?”

 A cold chill ran down my spine

So, I dashed and hid behind the big stack of pine


Bow Bow looked at me with his big, bright brown eyes

“What’s a matter Bow Bow?”

“Is there a monster or a ghost hiding in the big barn?”




And off Bow Bow ran

He dash into the barn

Faster than the speed of light






So, I took a deep breath

I clinched my fists

And ran toward the big red barn

Hoping that Bow Bow wasn’t in any harm





I looked to left,

I looked to the right,

“Where’s Bow Bow?”

“Oh no!”

“Bow Bow is nowhere in sight!”


I took another deep breath,

And looked around once more

And to my surprise

I found my Bow Bow

Crept in the corner,

Holding two baby bunnies,

Right next to his tummy

Suddenly, I realized that Bow Bow never lost his big red bone

He was trying to tell me that the bunnies lost their mummy

So. I got a big box

And filled it with lettuce and some carrots too

And brought the bunnies back

To my mummy and big brother Jack


“Who’s this, said mommy?”


Bow Bow found two-baby bunnies,

Who lost their mummy,

“Can we keep the bunnies?”

Of course, we can honey

Someone needs to be their mommy

It might as well be you.

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