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Bucket Full of Love

A dog’s love never ends

A dog’s love begins from the moment you get them

And carries on throughout their lifetime


Dogs love to be loved

And they love to give love too


A dog’s love gives you a sense of security

They will always protect you

And watch over you


Their caring soul gives them the ability to love like no animal has ever loved before


Their love brings happiness to your heart

And joy to everyone around you

Their love brings smiles to millions of people every second of the day


They create memories in our lives,

That last forever in our hearts


When I think of dogs and I think of love this is what I think of…


L is for …

Long lasting love:  Sharing your life with the dogs you love


O is for …

Ongoing love: Dogs show unconditional love to only the ones they love, a special love that will warm your heart and soul.  This love is displayed ongoing every moment, everyday.   


V is for …

Very extraordinary: Dogs are anything but common animals. They develop lifelong bonds with the people that take care of them. Sometimes, they instinctively know when a human or animal companion is in trouble and in need of help. Whether it’s assisting the disabled or finding a person trapped underneath snow, dogs can be counted on for just about anything.

E is for …


Eternal: Your dogs love comes eternally from the heart.  There love is sincere and they will always remain faithful and honest.

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Another Bath?

Seems like,
Not too long ago,
I had to take a,
Bath – you know?

Are you sure,
You counted right?
Can’t we do it,
Another night?

I suppose,
It’s not that bad,
To get to spend,
Time in the bath.

You scrub and rub,
And lather my back.
Sometimes it even,
Makes me laugh.

‘Cause each shake,
Puts soap in your hair,
Soap on your clothes,
Soap here and there.

So, okay…
I’ll take another bath,
But if I get you soaking wet,
Do you promise to laugh?

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When You Get Home

When you get home…

I go crazy,
I go nuts,
I simply cannot,
Get enough!

When you get home…

I go mad,
I run circles,
I just seem to get,
Unusually playful!

When you get home…

I go looney,
I may jump up,
And then jump down,
Like a wound-up pup.

When you get home…

I go bonkers,
I’m beside myself,
I sometimes think,
I’ll knock over a shelf!

When you get home…

I go gaga,
I go 100% loco,
Wanting you to know,
That I missed you so!

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But Your Bed’s So Much Softer

I’d happily sleep…

On newspaper,
On your doorstep,
On the back porch,
Or on your pull out couch,

But your bed’s so much softer…

Than paper,
Or concrete,
Or hardwood,
Or that springy ol’ thing.

So, instead, I rest my weary end…

On your pillow,
On your blanket,
On your bedspread,
Or – best of all – on you!

Yet, if you truly insist, I’ll be happy to…

Lay my butt,
Inside my crate,
On top of my bed,
And lay down my head.

Dreaming ‘bout how good I once had it!

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All Dogs Great And Small

Dogs have some of the most amazing genetics.
For a single species, they are entirely diverse.
From teacup and toy to bigger than people,
Nothing’s the same in the dog universe.

Chihuahuas and Maltese at one end of the scale,
Great Danes and Mastiffs top the top of the tall
With Labs, Shepherds, and Mutts in between.
It’s hard to find a single dog-scription to cover them all.

Dachsund and Bassets, Jack Russell and Chow,
Poodle, Spaniel, Harrier, Greyhound, Dalmatian,
Samoyed, Terrier, Vizsia, Weimaraner, and Yorkie.
These are only a few in our best friend’s nation.

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