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Ovations for Odie (Garfield)

Odie is a dog of wonderful resources,

To know this dog is to see how gentle a dog can be

Despite being friend with the sour Garfield,

Odie’s heart remains light, shining for all to see.

That is quite grand because as far as his thoughts

As Garfield would say, Odie thought there are not.

Of course it is easy to point out that is why the two work.

Garfield provides the barbs and the jests,

Odie takes the tough love and keeps right on giving

It is hard to imagine a house standing up with these two pets.

Odie loves to run all over the house

Chasing and playing with anything lying about.

Garfield sees this as proof of the dog’s lack of brains,

But if you observe who is happy, that opinion seems strange.

Of course Garfield has no trouble picking on this sweet little dog,

But it is all in good fun because Odie won’t hold a grudge.

He’ll follow that cat to the of the world,

Ears all perked up and tongue all unfurled.

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The Magnificent Manchee (The Knife of Never Letting Go)

A little dog named Manchee is the dog of a young boy.

Because on this planet all male thoughts can be heard

Todd and Manchee can communicate without a literary ploy.

What Todd learns about dogs is that their thoughts seem absurd

As the story goes on and Todd continues to moan

About the lack of attention and focus of his pet

The reader can tell the gripes are not meant for the dog of his own

It is simply a dynamic that has long been set.

As they are forced to flee from their home to find somewhere safe

They rely on each other to fight when they are attacked.

When they meet a girl the first time, Todd thinks she is a mute,

But Manchee continues to chatter her attention to attract.

Although you would never call Manchee clever

His spirit and care make him a lovable guy

Simple as he is, Manchee always defends those that he loves.

He makes the reader laugh, he makes the reader cry.

Whenever Todd gives him an Oder Manchee will follow through.

When his boy and girl are in trouble Manchee always knew what to do.

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Pluto and Goofy (Disney Cartoons)

Goofing around is what this one dog does best

Over and over, this dog trips and bumbles for laughs

Omphing along, this dog can be a bit of a pest

For all of the problems he causes though

You end up loving him, especially when you can sit back and rest.

Amazingly enough there is another dog in this world

Nothing alike, these two still get along.

Delve in a little and see that the other dog never does anything wrong.

Pluto is a very sweet, cartoonish dog who loves his mouse

Let him loose and he will bound through the house

Under beds and over furniture, this boy just wants to be where he’s needed

Take him out for a walk and he will bright everyones day

Of Pluto there is never too many positive things to say.

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The Unimaginable, Victorious Underdog (Underdog the Television Show)

The mild mannered pup called Shoeshine Boy has another name.

This gentle creature and Underdog are one and the same.

Like any good hero, Underdog has one creature he loves most.

The constant protection of Sweet Poly Purebred is his biggest boast.

Withstanding the taunts and bullying behavior of two bad dogs

Making it through, sometime with ease sometimes he slogs,

This is what our hero does best.

Against these villains he’ll ne’er rest.

When he was in need, that was when he went for a pill

(In a place an time where they were mostly for those who were ill).

Long before it was the way to handle any issue

Underdog had a stash, now it’s consumption will miss you.

For all of the times he took a super energy tablet,

They were removed from the show in the name of safety? You bet.

Still he would take them to get strong,

That was how he would fight those who did wrong.

Underdog flew around the world in what looked like pajamas and a long red cape.

When he came to the rescue this dog was never late.

For all of the years his adventures were shown on tape,

Children cheered for the four-legged hero right out of the gate.

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The Gentle Mind of Mrs. O’Leary (The Battle of the Labyrinth)

Of all the hellhounds in the world, Mrs. O’Leary is one of a kind.

The rest are all business and attack, taking your soul and darting off.

While Mrs. O’Leary can attack, it’s not something that she would mind,

She is far happier playing and prancing and all that stuff.

Percy Jackson first encountered her on the training grounds.

Preparing to attack one shout insisted he stop,

Looking around it was a shady teacher who made the sounds

That made him look away. Pretty soon Mrs. O’Leary was on top.

Once the initial fear had departed,

Percy realized that the dog had taken to licking.

He then wondered who could be so cruel hearted

To turn a hellhound into this. Now to the ground he was sticking.

This was his first introduction to the one and only Mrs. O’Leary

But later in that same book she came to his aid.

When he and his friends had become to weary,

He blew the whistle, though he could not hear it, Mrs. O’Leary was on her way.

Percy came to be her sole master,

Something that at first might seem a disaster.

But throughout the books he grew to love Mrs. O’Leary.

With her around nothing ever seemed dreary.

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Cleaning the Streets (McGruff the Crime Dog)

There is a dog who sounds like he is so tough

But when it comes to crime he has the right stuff.

It is the one and only Crime Dog McGruff.

This dog is entirely one of a kind.

When it comes to solving cases you will soon find

He is out front, never left behind.

He likes to tell kids the importance of smarts.

Avoiding drugs is one of the best starts,

But knowing what rights is one of the most important parts.

He wants kids to learn while they are in their prime

That doing what’s right will prove to be for the best given time.

With his tough, bloodhound voice he says to “Take a bite out of crime.”

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A Canine Romance (Lady and the Tramp)

It is one of the most popular love stories of all time

The tale of two young dogs from opposite sides of the town

One whose life was filled with ease, clear reason and a set rhyme

The other lived by street smarts alone, yet he would not frown.

She was dainty and had nothing to fear in her home.

Loss of attention to a baby was her greatest grief.

He was a rascal begging for each scrap but free to roam.

Complete freedom to pursue life was his greatest belief.

When she was lost he took her in and made sure she was fed,

He showed her the world from his solo, untamed perspective.

She showed him security, the life she had always led.

They each gained knowledge of life so uniquely reflective.

Life together made up for what they had not known they missed.

Romeo and Juliet for dogs, with a happy twist.

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Cute, Spotted, Blue (Blue’s Clues)

He is a sweet and lovable little guy

Even though at first he appears to be shy.

For the color of his fur that is all his own

To the way that this guy can answer his phone

This adorable pup is so much fun on the screen

Especially when you are watchful and keen.

Kids can tune in to this lovable show

And learn how to help their brains grow.

Every day is a mystery for your child to solve

And they learn just what thinking is involved.

Blue and his friends will keep your kids coming back to see more

And over each mystery their interest and attention will pour.

In time they will learn to focus their minds

When they work to solve problems making the answer easier to find.

All this is teaching is done by this little guy named Blue.

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Buck Wild (Call Of The Wild)

Buck was a dog born into luxury and leisure,

Romping over the range in his California home.

But life had decided to give him a different treasure

Than this life of pampering and pleasure.

It was far away that he would learn to rome.

Dognapped from the place of his birth

Buck was taken to a place far away to the north

It was up there were he would eventually learn worth

A land wide open and of mountainous girth.

It was here that his real nature is called forth.

In Alaska he was sold as a sled dog,

A life for which he was not prepared.

Moving each day in an arduous slog

Running through snow at a slow paced jog.

Into a bleak future Buck now stared.

The lessons he learned and the things that he saw

Ended up being much more than his life on trial.

It was with determination and a tight set jaw,

Buck continued forward with each step of a paw.

In this way he learned a new life style.

When the story was through he came out on top.

The best sled dog out in the wild.

He refused to give in, give up, or to stop

No matter the odds and the abuses others would drop,

Buck ruled them all, and the readers heart he beguiled.

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A Nana and Her Pups (Peter Pan)

The Darling children were never alone

They had their caregiver, Nana, to tuck them in at night

And to give them love when they were down

When it came to the children she was always in sight.

She loved them, and cared for them, even made their beds.

She was all that their father could afford

But she was the best nana the could could have asked for

And they did as she insisted because their Nana the kids loved and adored

This Newfoundland dog had her own set of pups

Children she loved to watch, feed, and reprimand

She knew how to get them out of a funk

And she knew just how much learning to demand

And then Peter came and took them away

Parading around in a land so very far away

Where they learned that childhood should not last forever

They came home to their Nana to become adults one day.

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