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Bandit of the Heart

Dogs tend to hate anything that might steal their food

After all it is one of the things they love best.

So this oddball friendship really put love to the test.


One look at Oscar and you think he looks the part of a bandit

But it isn’t necessarily food that he’s after from his friend

It is a new playmate this raccoon seeks, that’s all he wants in the end.


Bear is a Beagal, the kind to chase an intruder,

But he sees no risk in letting Oscar roam the grounds

After all these two take turns prowling around.


It is by the pool where they show the most love.

Leaving you feeling so gooey inside,

As they stare come face to face as if a secret to hide.


Bear sits by the pool, getting his Beagal paws wet,

That is Oscar’s cue to come act like a vet.

With both his paws he forces Bear’s mouth open to inspect.


Bear doesn’t want to play that game today

He just wants to sit by the water and stay.

Oscar won’t have any such thing, what he wants is to play.


With the patience of the dog that he is,

Bear moves his head to the left, then the right

But Oscar won’t let go without a fight.


Who will give up? Who will rise to the top?

It really doesn’t matter because they will never stop.

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Supervised Play

If you think it is odd for a cat and dog to be friends,

You won’t believe the tale of Kasi and Mtani

A twelve-week old puppy and a six-week cheetah cub

Spent the first year of life learning more than pretend.


That first year their handlers kept a close eye on them

As these two learned what was meant by playtime

Each acting their age and nipping for fun

And creating all kind of organized, youthful mayhem.


Of course in early days the dog had superior size

Often dominating the cub as they wrestled

And always on top whenever they nestled,

But the future was there in the cheetah’s eyes.


Then the two grew by huge leaps and bounds.

Out in the yard they would go play

Wrestling and racing all through the day,

How happy to hear their sweet happy sounds.


Finally the pair reached their adulthood.

No longer the dominant cutie around

The two appeared like odd sibling

Nearly identical size as together they stood.


But the real difference was when they took off to race,

The pup did quite well for a hound it is true,

But he couldn’t compete with the fastest land mammal,

He never had a chance to keep up with the cat’s pace.

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The Chilli Chase

Last the lab was blind the poor fear

But that had not always been the case.

It had happened gradually over the years

Until her people realized a problem

The vet confirming their fears.

Before this started the family had gotten a new pet

One that was exotic and not of the usual type

A rodent who didn’t scare easily but one who shouldn’t get wet

A chinchilla who did not fear lady

A creature who did not care of the diagnosis of the vet.


The pair learned to play when Lady still had her sight.

Gentle as a lamb, she and the chinchilla learned how to play.

What no one expected was that the dog was not a fright.

The little guy, named Chilli, seemed to think Lady a perfect friend

And the two played together to everyone’s delight.


After they realized Lady the lab was blind

The family wasn’t sure how much they could play.

She couldn’t see and that was danger of a different kind,

She could accidently hurt Chilli because she couldn’t see where he was.

However, after one session it was ok they would find.


So the playing and romping continued anew,

Lady chasing Chilli one way down the hall,

And at the end Chilli knew just what to do.

He moved out of the way, and Lady learned when to stop

Then he chased her because Chilli was boss, now they knew.

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One if the most bizarre tells is not in a home

It’s not on a reserve or any humane controlled zone.

This story is true, it was caught of film in the wild

Out in harsh nature where nothing is mild.


Two massive polar bears came near a camp

Huskies were tethered out front like a personalized stamp.

Fierce and brave the dogs very presence

Should have been one of the best types of serpents.


Still these dogs did not hinder two roving bears

Polar bears to be exact, the biggest and any sane person is scared.

The dogs didn’t sit idle instead they reacted

Like friends had come home, so much attention they attracted.


The bears went right up to the huskies, all male

And at first their owner thought the bears would assail.

Still when a plot comes calling you must keep at a distance

There no safe deterrent with a feeble human stance.


The polar bears did not do as expected

Rather playtime was now, that’s why the dogs they inspected.

The dogs and the bears rolled around having fun

But the biggest surprise was when playtime was done.


One of the bears wrapped massive arms around

One of the dogs without a sound.

Together they stood all nice and snug

In a grip best describes as a loving beat hug.

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Swimming with the Fishes

Ben is a dog who lives in a small Irish town.

It is clear that this boy is part lab

Not only because of his looks

Because of his uncanny ability to swim in the ocean for hours

And this is because of his very best friend.

Dougie the Dolphin is the friend on whom Ben always depends.

Any given day you’ll see Ben down by the peer

Keeping an eye out for Dougie.

Once Dougie gets close, Ben dashes down the stairs

Plunging into the water as if he’s no cares.

From there the two play, swimming as long as they please,

Which at first you might think is nothing extraordinary

Until you’ve seen just how long Ben will stay out.

Of course it is nothing to a dolphin to keep swimming,

But Ben won’t up and go home, not as long as Dougie is there.

A couple of times Ben wore himself out

Too far to sea he was floundering about.

That is when Dougie proved as a friend he’s the best

He did what dolphins do for each other when they’re having trouble.

Dougie pushes Ben to shore, making sure the dog is ok

Only then will Dougie leave for the rest of the day.

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Fauning over a Friend

Kate and Pip are the very best friends,

Proving that love can always extend

Well beyond the expected in animal species

Showing how natural enemies don’t have to be

Watching them play is a real sight to see.

One is a dog, the other a deer

Living in harmony, playing together without fear.

Finding entertainment in their dissimilar friend

Running around and showing off

Proving to each other who is tough.


What really makes this show so much fun

Happens during the peak of the sun

The two come together and chase each other around

But neither has the advantage in this case

Not at this time or in this place.


Though one is a deer the dog’s a Great Dane

So as far as size they are exactly the same.

When one wants to prove who is boss

But putting a head on the neck of the other

The other responds as if to say don’t bother.


No one comes out on top, which leads to more romping

The dog dashing around and the deer stomping.

It is so funny to see them playing tag in the yard

And hide and seek like two children having the time of their lives

The kind of happiness for which we all should strive.

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The Best Kind of Remembrance

Bella was lucky, she was not a pure breed

But she attracted attention of a very special friend.

Tarra is an elephant, not exactly what you would expect,

However, elephants are known for getting attached,

And this is one time when an elephant love did detect.

For a decade there was love that came out of that seed.


The pair were inseparable, always walking the grounds

Just hanging out and enjoying the day.

Like two adult friends who just wanting someone like minded

The pair moved together, ignoring others of their kind.

If you saw one the other was almost always near by

As beautiful together as the sun and the sky.


When Bella’s was injured, Tarra refused to leave.

Instead of roaming the acres of her large home,

Tarra planted herself just outside of Bella’s place

Waiting until she could again see the dog’s face.

There was no way to convincer her to leave her fine friend

Which was a sad harbinger of how she would grieve.


Sadly elephant’s have much longer lifespans than dogs

And in this case it was an animal that understood

Someone who loved her dog as much as we all should.

Bella’s death was a blow, a hard one to bear as every dog owner knows.

Tarra took it hard and grieved for weeks on end.

The other elephants came to the aid of their friend.


They shared their food and gave her attention

Showing her love and kindly affection.

The passing of her dog was something she had a hard time bearing

Like a hole in her heart that never quit tearing.

The outpour of love from her herd  has left no doubt,

Not only humans are capable of love and compassion.

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Walking the Dog

Roscoe was a stray hound, left on his own

But there was someone who took a particular interest.

While riding an elephant in his strange home,

Suryia saw Roscoe and decided to adopt him,

Making sure he was never again left alone.


The difference between Suryia and most primates

The ones who are likely to adopt dogs.

No Suryia in not at all what you would expect,

He’s not a human who feels love for her Roscoe,

He’s an orangutan who fell in love at first sight.


Although he’s an orangutan he doesn’t seem to notice.

He loves to swim, something that you simply don’t see,

And he loves to do new things, not stay in a strict routine.

This is perhaps why he was glad to go for a ride on the elephant

Otherwise the friendship would never have been.


After on look Suryia ran to this stray dog

And they started to play, hugging and loving each other up.

The two played in the river like two long lost friends.

Once they went home Roscoe decided to follow

Not willing to see this cool friendship end.


Once at the reserve, Roscoe wiggles through the gate

Not taking the people’s pressure to leave and go home.

Instead he goes hunting to find the reason he’s there

Suryia is the goal, and in the end it pays off.

Suryia see Roscoe and gives the dog primate biscuits.


Now the two spend so much time playing together.

You can tell that they love to be in the presence of each other.

Suryia  often hugs his favorite dog, and they still go for swims,

And on the leash, Suryia likes to take his dog for a walk,

Choosing to roll as they go, Suryia loves being with him.

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Who’s Your Best Friend?

Louise and Annie make a very odd pair

Usually these to into each other would tear.
But sometimes nature seeks a different way

Worming into our hearts, making a new place to stay.


Louise is a young owl, someday she’ll be large,

For now though she’s more like a fluff ball barge.

The markings that will one day make her distinct

Play no part in her actions, her behavior against owl instinct.


For one of Louise’s favorite creatures of all time

Is a bird dog named Annie, of animosity there’s no sign.

Annie lies still as Louise runs the usual inspection

Showing no signs of any other natural inclination.


Louise lifts Annie’s ears as she slowly does grooming

All the while their odd friendship is blooming.

Watching these two can give you a lot of hope

That you can take the right path when you reach a slippery slope.

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One Versus Many

One of the strangest competitions ever filmed

Is with a full tiger and two happy dogs.

The three were raised together in a home,

All from generations of tame animals that never far roams.

You know that at night the trio must sleep like logs.


Watching them romp out on the front porch

You can tell the three think they are all the same

And it’s true they are all part of the same pack

Which means they are free to play sibling attack!

(Although it seems the deck is rather unfairly stacked.)


The tiger she lies lazily on the ground

Rolling around barely making a sound.

The dogs wag their tails and get very excited

Jumping over her and grinning as together united

They can’t take her out, the attempt seems misguided.


Still they aren’t phased or even dissuaded,

Cause this is the best game ever, a real challenge to face

One that takes precedence over any dog race.

The game is predictable, always same time and same place,

And though they’ve never won, they come back to wrestle in the cat’s space.

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