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One Tall Dog

Blitz is like so many dogs, accepting of those his people like

But when it domes to Morgan he has made a fast bond.

It is the way Morgan looks that really gets the dog psyched.

As far as he can see Morgan’s a big dog by the pond.


Of course Morgan is not like most dogs Blitz knows,

Because Morgan is no kind of dog, she’s way too tall.

Morgan’s a horse, full grown and quick wherever she goes.

Blitz thinks she great, the best dog of all.


When Blitz gets to play with his pal

His favorite things to make sure Morgan’s clean.

Blitz’s favorite way to great this strange doggie gal

Is to lick up the dirt, every spec that is seen.


Morgan, for her part, really doesn’t mind.

Blitz is not scary, does not bark or play bite

And what he is doing is really quite kind.

So Morgan allows the young pup near without feeling fright.


Of course Blitz is limited in how far he can reach,

Still no horse has ever had such clean knees.

The way the act like a cute oddball pack

Sniffing each other and being as cute as they please.

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Fox and Jack

Some animals seem to be of similar breed,

But their history has meant they have always been at odds.

Disney made a movie about such an unlikely pair,

But these two live the life that is so bizarre indeed.

Both were young when there was planted a strange friendship seed.


Poor little Copper was separated from his mother too young.

Starving and exhausted, it looked like the end was near,

Then the wildlife center found the fox kit.

They rescued the little guy, whose shy head was hung

Afraid of the people, afraid of change, to the wild he now clung.


Then Copper was introduced to a new friend named Jack.

A one year-old hound all white and black.

At first a little distrust kept them at bay,

Then came the surprise in a friendly attack.

Soon they scampered around playing so hard until their tongue went slack.


Although little Copper cannot walk where most dogs do tread

The pair can go out play out in the back.

Watching them play is like watching two siblings,

Wrestling, nestling, then passing out in their bed.

Teaching us not to hate, rather make fast friends instead.

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