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Unconventional But Healthy

If you are not the kind of person who usually likes to stay up late

This idea is really for you, and one you should consider.

If you think ten o’clock is a time for sound sleep

There is no reason to change that for just because of the date.


Your dog knows this so well and that is why he is so adamant about bedtime.

Getting the right amount of sleep to meet your needs

That really what you need to start the year

Not a party that will set you back and make you act like you have no mind.


Instead of forcing yourself to stay up and do something you’ll barely remember

Go to bed at the usual time and plan to celebrate the next day

There’s no point to forcing a holiday by the hour

Not even when it flips to January from December.

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Jump Start Your Exercise Regiment

Clearly you aren’t going to want to make jogging at midnight a regular action

But for the New Year it gives you a deep sense of satisfaction

Because you’ve started the year doing something for yourself

Not out playing party with people you don’t really know

You are doing something that you should continue to do

The seeds of betterment you are beginning to sow.


Yes it is hard, and your body might try to object

From sleep to weariness you mind will try to protect

The body that does not want to get out and get moving

But it’s your will that must win out now

To make sure that you take care of you during the roughest time of year

If you are to stand a chance of progress to allow.


The best way to do it is to turn off your brain

Because excuses are something for which it will strain

Anything to keep you inside and relaxing

Which is great for some points in the day

But if you want to start fresh this is the best way to go

Establish a new tone and mind set, and then help it to stay.


Later on you can plan to head out at a more reasonable hour

But this is the challenge to see if to the resolution your are already turning sour.

If you can face the middle of the night with your will

You dog can be there to help keep you going

Her determination the reinforcement you need

A built in driver without her even knowing.

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Night Fishing

If you are lucky enough to live near a lake,

This activity is perfect and full of charm.

You and your dog can get out the gear

Then head to the lake to round out the year.


Sitting peacefully on the edge of the dock

Tossing your line and kicking back

Watching the fish nibble at the bait on the line

Make sure to stay awake and you should be fine.


The dog might not do much, perhaps sleep at your side

And maybe he is upset when you first drag him from bed

But outside you now he’ll be bounding around

So happy for being outdoors, this new night activity found.


Hopefully it won’t become a formal expectation

Although with dogs it is the usual response to something they like

As long as you enjoy it was worth the shift in activities

Perhaps even making it worth several more journeys.


If this becomes a new norm for your weekend days

It isn’t so bad because it means you are taking time to relax

Although you should probably try it a little earlier at night

When you won’t have sleep to fight.


One of the best things about this type of celebratory activities

Is that you might even have your breakfast for the next morning.

Starting the year with a nice side of fish

Is something that both you and the dog have secretly wished.

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Party with Pooches

If you feel the need to get dressed up

You can always go to a party and take your cute pup.

As long as your dog likes people this is a way to stay close

Just make sure dogs are alright at the event

You might want to plan to leave once the old year is spent.


It’s a unique journey for a dog to get out at a time like this

No longer staying home with a single sad wish.

The two of your are out painting the town red,

Out in public you are a fashionable pair

And you are likely to get many a stare.


But you should not care because you are both happy

Although there are other things that could put you at ease

Other activities that you might find too boring

This is a trip that is difficult to duplicate

Going somewhere and staying up terribly late.


The one caveat is that you should probably avoid

Taking your dog where there are fireworks, because at best she’ll be annoyed

And most dogs are not fans of the loud banging sound

So best to somewhere that can muffle the boom of lights

Then you will have a very memorable night.

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Road Trip

Take a short road trip to somewhere new

For a New Year this is the perfect thing to do.


Pop your dog in the car and take off where you please

This is your time, your year to seize.


Of course you can take others, make it a party event

Or go it in peace, let the winds decide where you are sent.


Just make sure to find a hotel that takes pets

Because it’s better to camp in a warm establishment.


You’ll get a new view of your life from this place

Far away from the problems that have consumed your space.


It does not have to be a trip where you are wild

It is perfectly fine for the time to be mild.


Experience as much or as little as you see fit

Just start the year feeling calm not desperate.


In a day or two you can return to your home

Comfortable in knowing that inner peace you did hone.

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Time in Your Favorite Public Place

If your favorite place is somewhere you can go at night

This is something that you can really enjoy

With your dog and a few good friends

Or perhaps your dog and that special someone

The night can be memorable, like a unique meteorite.


It’s a place where you are free to go for a break

A place where few others are likely to interrupt

And there you an focus on what matters most

Begin the year with a focus on what’s important

And find some balance for your own sake.


Because dogs are among the best at silent comfort

He’ll have the just the right voice for silent reflection

And help you with your introspection.

Think of all the things that happened over the year

So you know what you should abort.


Don’t start the year with resolutions you can’t fulfill

That only sets you up for an early defeat

Instead find something that both helps and is a treat.

With your dog there for moral support

It is almost certain you will do this well.

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When the Unexpected Happens

Sometimes we end up not able to do as we planned

And one of the worst ways to ring in a new year

Is with a horrible illness that barely allows us to stand.


When this happens, the best thing to do

Is make some hot soup and curl up on the couch

Or if not a soup, than a healthy veggie stew.


In the event that illness knocks you out

Of the picture of fun

You know at least one friend you won’t do without.


You dog will be there, though not much of a help

She won’t leave you alone to go to a party with friends

But will curl up nearby sometimes with a sympathetic yelp.


Never deserting in your time of need

You girl is right there to keep you caring company

And that is a true friend indeed.


The pair of you can watch a calm movie that you’ve seen

Once where it won’t matter if you fall asleep

Or you can watch the New Year start on your screen.

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In Case of Snow

If you are one of the fortunate people with snow

There is so much you can do with your dog outside.

Of course you can have others there if you like,

But of course bundle up if it is freezing or below.

You don’t want to start off the year with a sickly spike.


You and your friends, include the dog, can run around wild

Laughing and frolicking in your front yard

Not caring to much about all the cold

Because at this point your well bundled and styled.

Start the year off acting so bold.


You can build forts and then be on the defensive

Add a snowball fight to make things a bit more interesting.

Drop to the ground and make a snow angel

Then laugh as your dog tromps through, he’s so insensitive.

Then pat his sweet head in that spot you know well.


Of course your boy can really get into this game

Lunging at snowballs that whiz by his face

Then dashing off to see if it’s food.

It entertainment for which no one can blame

You for enjoying at your own place.


Then once it is over, when your parts start to freeze

You can head on inside with a gallant bowing if you please.

The people and pooches end in once again

And you know the fun was so much like a sin

Because it was fun for all those who were there

And a new tradition might be born in the frigid night air.

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Party with the Dogs

If you love those parts that ring in a new year

There is one easy answer for how to keep your dog near.

Throw a large party at home and invite all your friends

Tell them to bring their dogs too in the invitations you send.


You can do the same thing with family if you so decide

Cause they are important, not something to hide.

The start of next year will be something to see

Especially as the dogs are so entertaining to see.


You can setup games that will include the pups

They don’t have to understand what is up.

It’s simply a way to make sure they are included

And the enthusiasm they have will be so joyfully exuded.


You can try races out in the back yard

Although at night this could be quite tricky and hard.

You can also see who knows the neatest kinds of tricks

Or who is the best at carrying large sticks.


You can have grooming competitions and then

Have a laughing good time taking pictures of them.

So much to do, the party will go well into the night

Your dog will sleep well after this wonderful delight.

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A Long Stroll at Night

There is one way to start off the New Year right

The kind that your dog will love

And you too in hindsight.

Take a nice walk in the brisk midnight air

Enjoying the cold quiet as you muck about

And this time you can play without getting a stare.

You and the dog can really enjoy a great time

Walking new places or taking in where you live

You don’t have to plan it or give it reason or rhyme.

In the end it will help get a common resolution started

Exercising more and trying to be healthy

This is a clear way to show from old habits you’ve parted.

Take to the streets for a delightful night’s stroll

And watch your dog’s face light up as you go.

Perhaps she was angry when you first made her roll

Out her bed where she was happily dreaming

But all that’s forgot as she struts through the night

All former anguish forgotten it seems.

Avoid places where there will be lots of traffics and cars.

Stick to the places where houses snooze quietly

That way your safer and you will go far.

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