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Jack of All Trades (President George Washington)

Our first president seems to have done it all

He was the first to take the reigns of the nation

Having fought in several terrible wars

But his life was not just about keeping score.


Despite all that he accomplished in his time

This great man was able to have a personal life too.

So much so that one has to wonder where he found the time

An expert a many things with no apparent reason or rhyme.


George Washington had many things that he enjoyed

And apparently dogs were pretty high on the list.

He not only had a large number, a large number indeed,

But he bred them as well, and started a new breed.


For anyone with an American foxhound

You will find that they first started with this highly original man.

Whether out of love or interest in the hunt

It is too bad he cannot say though he would be blunt.


Though not a scandal, it is of great interest

To find that one of our founding fathers founded so much more

Giving the world another type of dog to adore

And securing another page in his own voluminous lore.

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Rumor Has It (President John Adams)

Many people know little of our second president.

John Adams seems to have sunk quite low with time

Although not too popular by the end of his first term

A very harsh lesson he was sure to learn.


But the controversy of this man

In terms of dogs it’s not action that was his flaw

Some would say it was his unorthodox approach

On religion as he allowed secularization to encroach.


So much so that a rumor started

Saying that the man was not devote.

This wasn’t true, the man did believe

But with his reputation it was easy to deceive.


There was no mistake

The man was certainly liberal for his time

But this rumor spread and hurt his name

And once it spread his reputation could not remain.


It was quite a cruel rumor that much was true

Because it claimed he named his dog after the devil.

The lie went round he had a dog called Satan.

Tho his reputation was tarnished, his beliefs did remain

Even though yes, Satan was his dog’s name.

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Veto Power (President James A. Garfield)

Our 20th president was one of the men to die in office.

The victim of a gunshot wound

It was actually the lack advancement of the medical profession

That took his life, a very unfortunate lesson.


The man had only been in office for a few months

When he was shot and lost to history

What he would have done we will never know

Although his was not the shortest time, it was a harsh blow.


If the name of his dog is any indication

It is easy to imagine that the man was up for the job

Seeking to give the executive branch more strength

And perhaps he would have gone to great length.


For in his dog we can pull the thread

To see just how the man would have tread.

The name suggests that he would have flexed his powers

Time soon took that determination with each passing hour.


The dogs name has ended up being quite ironic.

In less than six months President James Garfield did not get to use this power,

But one can imagine he called it out every day by name,

Because Veto was his dog, and in that he had no shame.

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A Serious Advisor? (President Warren Harding)

Many of us know very little of President Warren Harding.

Our 29th president his look was very severe

But he was actually somewhat eccentric in his ideas

Including who could advice it would appear.


The man actually holds the record for the popular vote

Having creamed his opponent in a landslide

And his two years were rather colorful to say the least

But he died in office, may the man rest in peace.


Yet in that short span

Where an entire nation he ran,

Harding allowed his dog to join in the responsibility

Giving him sway and unusual liberty.


His dog, Laddie Boy got to join the Cabinet meetings

Taking a seat near Hardings feet.

But that was not the oddest thing he did

Perhaps Harding was a jokester and liked to kid.


One day he sent Laddie Boy to handle a task

And on that day the dog was to spend time with The Washington Post

At this time he was part of an interview

On Prohibition and what not to do

Seems like a surprise to most

This Boy could man his post.

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A Man and His Dog (President Franklin D. Roosevelt)

There are so many reasons to remember our 32nd president

Franklin Delano Roosevelt held office longer than any other

Pulling us out of a depression then again from a war

It was obvious to all that greater things were in store.


One firm supporter who was almost always by his side

Was the president’s dog Fala

Who is the most photographed dog in the world

And so it is no surprise at one point a scandal around him swirled.


It was reported that little Fala was once accidently forgotten

Left on the Aleutian Islands after his master left.

Once he realized his dog was gone

The president was not willing to wait long.


The claim was that a battleship was forced to return

To retrieve his dog and bring him home

And of course such an action

Was a scandal of monumental size gaining much attention.


The president then gave a speech

Discussing the inaccuracies of the tales

Hoping to bring shame to lies and to the whole nation he had reach

His popularity soared after what became known as the Fala Speech.

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A Man with No Friends? (President Harry S. Truman)

One president had the words to best describe dogs

And with that he put DC into a clear perspective.

Although with his words we would agree

He did not practice it himself apparently.


Harry S. Truman gave what is likely the most famous quote

By a president about man’s best friend,

“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog”

Aptly illustrating the town as a convoluted political bog.


Clearly the man did not trust those around him

Not in that town of wonton deception

Yet Truman did not seem to want support

Because his own advice he did not sport.


Someone gave him a dog whom he named Feller

A cute little cocker spaniel,

But the pup was not to stay with him for long

Maybe having a friend seemed to Truman to be wrong.


Soon after the pup was given as a gift,

Truman turned around and gave him away

Just what he was thinking it is hard to say

But one can imagine that he had no friends after that day.

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An Unlikely Spy (President John F. Kennedy)

One of the most entertaining theories from the Cold War

Comes not from one of the many incidents

That held a world in the grip of fear,

It was a about a dog, a gift to the Kennedy’s one year.


The Premier of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev,

Offered up a gift to the president and his family

A gift with an extremely unique history

One to smooth the relationship that was so blistery.


Khrushchev gave Kennedy a dog named Pushinka

The pup of Strelka, one of the dogs who survived a trip to space

Making Pushinka a present of great significance

Yet people found a way to add belligerence.


Some claimed that a dog from the Soviets

Was like a Trojan Horse

And they said she should be watched closely

Though for what they couldn’t say precisely.


Calling the poor little dog a spy was quite a stretch

And one the Kennedy’s appeared to ignore

Because soon Charlie (the Kennedy’s other dog) took interest in this “spy”

And where you found one the other was likely nearby.

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His EARS?!?! (President Lyndon B. Johnson)

Conspiracy theories are abound about our 36 president

One Lyndon Baines Johnson, successor to President Kennedy.

Taking office during a time of unrest and turmoil

Against the previous president, LBJ was an interesting foil.


But there was one incident that attracted a strong reaction

It was not just a conspiracy or figment of someone’s imagination

Because the act was caught on camera as it went down

Something that made a surprising number of people frown.


Perhaps the man didn’t see anything wrong with what he did

But those who saw the pictures had a very different take.

Because LBJ picked up his beagle Him by the ears

It earned him a hearty round of jeers.


Of course the man had always done this and did not see the harm

But dog lovers had an entirely different understanding.

You don’t grab a person’s ear and drag them about

Just so, it is something that dogs can do very well without.


Although another president, one Harry Truman,

Agreed that was simply how you treated dogs,

All presidents have since learned dogs should be treated with respect

Otherwise less respect they should begin to expect.

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On the Offensive (President George W. Bush)

George W. Bush had a very tumultuous relationship with the media

Throughout his time in the Oval Office

It was almost as if the media was a watch dog looking for a fight

Although usually they were all bark and no bite.


The same could not be said of Barney

The President’s pooch who enjoyed going out.

One day they encountered reporters outside

And it was obvious they could not hide.


The reporters talked to the pup

As he stood there and took it.

Calling his name and acting like he was a pup

You have to wonder if he just wanted to give up.


It was clear he wanted to turn around and leave

Instead of being the center of attention to strangers.

This is when one of the reporters made a mistake.

You never try to pet a dog you don’t know, for goodness sake.


The man reached out to pat Barney on the head

Already annoyed the dog decided he was done.

With quick speed and a ferocious face

Barney bit the man to put him back in his place.

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Hints of What Could Have Been (President Nixon)

When most of us hear the name Nixon

It is what he did wrong that we remember.

The man seemed to attract so much negative attention

It was a balancing act of constant suspension.


For many long years the man played the game well

Navigating the throng who wanted him gone

And there were many who were politically strong

So Nixon had to be cautious about what he did wrong.


Of course we all know that ultimately he lost

That his paranoia ran out.

However looking at how he handled himself before

It is easy to imagine stepping through another door.


The best example of how things could have been

Is obvious when you consider how he handled one accusation.

When he was accused of a campaign finance violation,

Nixon response was actually an implication.


He admitted that there was one thing he got

That he would not return because of its worth.

That was his dog Checkers, too precious to give back

After that speech opposition laid off of the attack.

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