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Developing Who Your Dog Will Be

Developing Who Your Dog Will Be

Just like a person, dogs start learning from the time they are born.
Yes, all have predispositions that will help determine who they become
But the vast majority are molded and learn to act a certain way.
You should always pick a breed known for the situation that best fits.
For example, adopting a working dog and never taking the pup out
That’s just asking for trouble, no matter how well you teach.
But the basic personality is something on which you can build
Just like any relationship, it will be what you make of it.
If you are inconsistent, your dog will be too,
Constantly getting into things you don’t like.
If you teach a dog it’s ok to beg from the table,
Don’t be surprised when it becomes fair to take and run.
For the most part, dogs will act as they are taught,
So take the time to develop the actions you want with love and affection
With that, your dog’s personality will take the right direction.

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Every Day Love

With puppies it’s easy to remember to make time
To cuddle and express affection, to pamper and practice overprotection,
Or to reprimand and show your displeasure, to withhold treats or a prized treasure.
With puppies, attention is about the only reason and rhyme.

You have to make sure as your dog learns the ropes
That you continue to show as much dedication and loving adoration
To reinforce the habits that are good and teach so transgressions are understood.
Because that is the aim of your growing pup’s needs, the pinnacle of hopes.

To always be on your mind and by your side.
This can be with an unexpected pat or a subconscious belly rub,
Nearly any affection short of sticking the puppy in the bathtub.
Dogs are perceptive, and to your attitude their eyes are open wide.

That’s why it’s important to remember to show your dog love
Not just when something was done right or when you are in the mood.
Over time and years this love and devotion is accrued
And that is why dogs make the best pets, they prefer to be by your side, not below or above.

It takes so little to let a dog know you care.
Sitting on the floor during a show, or peacefully petting him as you read a good book.
Every once in a while, stop and into your dog’s eyes give a look,
That is the best way to let them know that you will always care and share.

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Learning the Leash

Most dogs learn quickly to love the times when the leash comes out.
They bounce, circle, and bark, anxious to get out and about.
But when you first teach the leash that is not a puppy’s reaction
Because being limited in movement, only goes so far before retraction,
It’s the worst thing to them, cause enough to attack the leash
While cute at first, eventually you have to say “sheesh.”

Some puppies think that it’s a punishment, not a joy,
Others believe (almost correctly) it’s a toy.
The one thing that’s nearly universal is how they react,
Whether nipping your hand as they play or have a panic attack.
The one thing that’s certain is you will need more time to prep
So know that five minutes to leash is fast, more time should be expected.

Once you get the leash on and the pup out the door,
That’s when the real work you find was in store.
They don’t understand that they are out to walk.
Some sniff incessantly, others constantly talk,
But most think that it’s time to pounce
And jump on everything, then leave with a bounce.

If real exercise is what you need, you’ll have to schedule that separate
Less than a mile an hour is probably about accurate
For the speed you can expect with your leashed pup.
And still you will do it again, it’s hard to give up.
For as frustrating as it can be, it has some of the highest entertainment value
And there’s nothing like a happy puppy and the future dog at a small preview.

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Patience and Persistence

The key to training a puppy is to keep your temper.
This can be particularly difficult no matter what the subject.
Puppies have virtually no time span for attention
Which means everything’s a distraction.
Teaching “sit” feels impossible when everything is an attraction.

They don’t understand much about tone of voice
And louder just gets their attention for a moment or two.
Unlike your older dog, when you say “No” with passion
Your puppy will think it means you are ready to play
And the more you react, the more excited the pup, no matter what you say.

It can also be difficult to find the right incentive.
It requires that you be incredibly inventive.
Treats may work for a few times, if you are lucky,
Love and affection may have a better long-term reaction
But it also helps create a distraction.

That’s why patience is key to getting the job done,
You have to stay mellow and work with the lil’ fellow.
Work to the strengths, things that seem to come easy,
Then work your way into the things that take more time
Eventually your baby will learn how to toe the line.

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Teaching about Toys

You already know your pup is going to make things a bit rough
Mistaking anything that moves or sits in reach
As being fair game
But you know toys aren’t the same
And that’s a tough lesson to teach.
You must distinguish between toys and other stuff.

To add to that task is something of great importance.
Whatever you teach is a toy
That lesson will stick
Through health and when sick.
Even your old dog still feel abject, unbridled joy.
That is a large part of a toy’s sortance.

It also means that your dog will think of objects similar in appearance
As being there for fun and games.
Play with a shoe
And pup will too.
No matter what you say, no matter your claims
With one moment’s weakness, you’ve fallen from logical adherence.

So remember, for consistency and to make things easy for you both,
Only play with things that you don’t mind being chewed,
Slobbered on, and torn.
With one act a toy is born,
When it’s play time only real toys include.
It’ll make life easier during each stage of growth.

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Toy Time

When it comes to young dogs, everything is a toy
So it could very well take time to convince them
That some things are not meant for tug of war.
You can never tell with a puppy what’s in store
It’s always an adventure to walk through the door.

You’ll find there are entirely new uses for everyday things.
From your footrest to the rug, really anything in reach
All of these look like fun to one who is so young.
And getting upset is unproductive since pup will try to make that fun.
The world is a playground, that is the life of a puppy if sung.

If you stop to give it some thought
It is actually a brilliant way to see everything around you
And can help you appreciate things in a new light.
In part because you want to avoid a fight
When you walk in and find your dress clothes ruined – a terrible sight.

You look at everything from a new point of view.
Sure it’s preventative, but that isn’t all that this does.
No, it can make you see the potential for having fun with anything.
It’s a fascinating trick in imagination, a fantastic mental warm spring
Rejuvenating your mind as you take to playing with pup by wrestling.

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The Fury of the Furry

Puppies are an endless bundle of energy
Constantly moving and chewing on everything in sight.
Trying to get a puppy to settle feels impossible, even at night.

It is actually a great thing when you get home from work.
Your sweet little puppy has all the energy you lack,
Making you feel so happy to be back.

When you have kids, you can set puppy on them.
Before you know it they will all be tired
Giving you time off after they’ve all been wired.

When you are feeling good, a puppy is there to play,
Joining in with you for all of the fun throughout the day
And when night falls, your baby is pleased next to you to stay.

When you feel down, the little dog can cheer you up,
Because everyday things are exciting from walking to waking up.
There’s nothing to put things in perspective like a pup.

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Trouble with Teething

One of the things that puppies do that causes the most frustration
Is all the items the pup will chew as she teethes.
The couch, shoes, clothes, chairs, and walls.
No matter how you look at it there no way to train this one with ease.

The thing to remember is that your pup is hurting, that’s why she chews,
So whatever she goes after it’s really all up to you.
A pup requires the same proofing as with a small child.
There’s a lot of actions to take, many things you can do.

Crating is best to keep her from mischief while you are gone,
And walks can help to get her energy out so she too tired to chew.
But the best way to get your dog to refrain from eating everything
Is to spend lots of time playing – that really is the best thing to do.

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Toilet Training

It is probably the least loved task of what you must teach
Because accidents happen, there’s no way around it.
The way you train will also help mold your dog,
So this chore is serious, and at first seems out of reach.

Puppies aren’t known for being able to focus that much.
They want to romp and have fun with everything that they see,
Attacking a bug, the cat, or your shoes is part of the fun.
Training can be tough to understand as he’s distracted by touch.

This is the time when crates are your friend
Because you can’t be home every second of each day.
Toilet training is one of the best reasons to crate at the start
Teaching dogs to do what is needed when out you them send.

As your boy shows you he’s learned not to go in the house
You can start letting him spend time alone out of the cage
Something he’ll understand is a reward for doing what’s right
And when he does wrong he’ll understand better when you grouse.

Remember to be patient because the way you train will stick with your boy
And you can use it as a springboard for other training tasks.
Gentle persistence is the best way for a pup to learn – not too much he asks.
Treats can work well, but affection is better. Take time to play, especially with a toy.

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Bringing Home Pup

When pup comes home you know you are in for a treat
Because now you will have someone who loves having you around
Someone who is happy to bounce up and down
Someone to make you feel like everything will be alright.
Pup will be excited, not likely to want to take a seat.

There’s welcoming her home so that she knows she’s to stay
A task that can take up at least one whole day.
You must both find your footing as she learns how to play.
It’s some of the funniest type of work you will ever do,
Making you want to get up without a moment’s delay.

As much fun as you may have when your pup just gets home,
There is no doubt that a new puppy is a lot of work,
And if you want the best kind of dog, you won’t be able to shirk.
In the end it is worth it because you get to mold how she acts
But as long as you show love, she’ll love because she’s not alone.

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