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Shelter Dog Shuffle

I see you there.
See the way you stare.
I won’t be bad – I promise!

Come on over.
And let me lick your face.
I won’t slobber – I promise!

Let me out…
I wanna snuggle up.
I won’t hog the bench – I promise!

Why don’t you,
Sit a little closer?
I won’t mind – I promise!

Maybe you’ll let me,
Chew on your fingers.
I won’t bite – I promise!

Wait…don’t leave!
Can’t you stay with me?
I’ll be good – I promise!

What? You’re taking,
Me home? Seriously?
You won’t regret it – I promise!

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If I Were Your Dog…

If I were your dog…

I’d sleep more deeply,
I’d rest more soundly,
I’d feel that safe.

If I were your dog…

I’d lick you good morning,
I’d lick you good evening,
I’d lick your whole dang face!

If I were your dog…

I’d walk around proudly,
I’d bark less loudly,
I’d be that confident.

If I were your dog…

I’d never leave your side,
I’d take you out for rides,
I’d be a source of pride.

If I were your dog…

I’d be truly happy,
I’d be over the moon,
I’d be that grateful.

Hey, wait a minute – I’m all those things and more!

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I Wanna Be Yer Good Dog

There are, Other owners, Bigger homes, Larger yards.

There are, Fewer cats, Less distraction, More treats.

There are,
Other places,
That appear to be, Dog-friendlier.

There are, Challenges,
To living together, For sure.

There are, Hurdles,
We both need, To over come.

There are, Alternatives,
But none include, Being yer “good dog”…

The one, You come, Home to, Every night.

The one,
You rely on,
To be loving, Tough and bright!

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Come Spread the Word

Come Spread The Word

Oh little Shepherd
Oh so sweet,
Sitting on the grass ever so meek
Look at me neighbor
Look at me now
Come take a bow,
Bend over,
And cradle me

I need some loving
Yes, I do
I need some hugs and kisses too

There are lots a little doggies just like me
Who need some love and kisses too

Open your mouth and come spread the word
Let the world know that there dogs out there in need of a home
Just like me

You don’t have to buy them,
You can adopt too
There are places all round called shelters
Where they are waiting for you

Save a little dog just like me
It will make you happy and complete
A dog you can hug
A dog you can hold,
A dog you can love that will love you back
A dog you can you call your own

So don’t spare another moment,
Don’t waste another second,
I’m at the adoption shelter waiting for you.


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Man’s (& Woman’s) Best Friend

Short and stubby,
Or long and lean,
Excited and sweet,
Or tough and mean.

Or short shorn,
Maybe kind of,
In between?

I’m man’s best friend.
—and woman’s.
A trusty friend,

Some claim that,
You picked me,
But, I definitely,
Picked you, too!

I hoped that you,
Would take me home,
And love me,
Through and through.

And, in the end,
It’s just the two of us:
Me, your best friend,
And my owner – you!

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From the Wreckage

Natural disasters have been a constant blight on mankind

Never knowing when things will go terrible wrong

We have only the animals to give us a hint

When into chaos we are about to be sent.


Chester was an odd dog who always seemed to be about,

The neighborhood knew he had no home

So they all took it upon themselves to feed him

It was the perfect situation for a dog on his own.


Then one day people were annoyed to hear his barking

He went just outside their doors

And he barked until he saw them look through the window

At first each person looked like a volcano about to blow.


Then they saw the smoke from not too far away

This strange dog who had seemed no more than a stray

Was giving all of the people within this small community

Warning to get out, it was an unexpected opportunity.


Though a fire rampaged through much of the area

Not a person who lived within that neighborhood was lost

Because Chester had made sure they all left before it was too late.

From then on he belonged to them all without any debate.

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In Fond Remembrance

The day of the funeral had finally arrived,

The widow was shocked that she had survived.

The cards, calls, and sympathy had been too much

Didn’t they know she had no words for this stuff?

The days went in a haze of sorrow and doubt

And the widow wondered how long until she was found out.

Her depression was deep, it was a terrible burden

She often felt she would burst all of a sudden.

The funeral finally ended and she looked to get time alone

So she quickly left the graveyard and headed home.

Sitting on the porch as is in an odd greeting

Was a very odd mutt who seemed ready for the meeting.

Taken by surprise the widow wasn’t sure what to do

So she did what she’d be doing, it was all that she knew.

She said a few words and invited the dog in

And once inside she began being a hostess again.

He ate a few pieces of the meet the woman offered

Then lay on the floor as if to remain unobserved.

The woman moved into the living room

The dog followed suit as if he were the moon.

Now that he was inside, she was the center of his attention

And he was the soul who would finally listen.

The mutt finally brought her peace

Finally dark thoughts began to cease.

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Birdie was an adorable little bird dog who had been left all alone

Who had abandoned her and why was never known.

Perhaps it was because the girl had limitless energy

Not too surprising for a dog of her kind.

For owners higher energy dogs leave no time to unwind.


But that goes back into learning more about breed

Knowing what you can manage and when to look at a different lead.

Birdie was likely the victim of being a cute pup

Who when she was older was too hard to raise

So into a new life, a new, unknown phase.


A couple of roommates saw this girl roaming about

And easily got her to come over with a single shout.

Birdie loved people, they were one of her favorite things.

Now here were two people who wanted to give her attention

There was nothing to think about, no real decision.


Poor Birdie had clearly been out on her own for a while

Because mud, leave, and blood are no kind of style.

The dog had no collar or markings of id,

Her fur was all matted, her back paw was hurt

The guy wrapped it up in his short sleeved shirt.


Home the three went, poor Birdie with a small limp.

She looked too skinny, so on the meat the two didn’t skimp.

The woman went to the store to buy what was needed,

As the guy stayed home to make sure Birdie didn’t get into trouble.

In the end they went out back so she could chase little blown bubbles.


After a bath and some love and attention, the roommates had a talk

It was clear she was too hurt to go for a long walk.

So it was decided the next day he would take Birdie to the vet.

It took several weeks, but she was finally healed,

And by that point her fate as the man’s dog had already been sealed.

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New Family

Sometimes life hands you difficult decisions,

And deciding to give up you sweet little pup

Is a choice that most of us hope never happens to us.

But sometimes things align for the worst,

Then we must face the horrible truth.


Snoopy’s owner was older, a sweet little lady,

A woman who worked hard all her life

She had no other family.

Snoopy had been her latest companion,

A sweet little boxer who was only six.


The woman had recently suffered a stroke.

She had in home care and friends who came to her aid.

But she knew that this situation was no good

For poor little Snoopy

Because what her dog needed the woman always understood.


Faced with the terrible, gut-wrenching fact

The lady decided she must start to act.

The best thing for Snoopy would be to have a new home

Preferably one with just one or two people.

Snoopy was shy and afraid of loud noise.


Having grown up with the woman,

Snoopy needed another calm place,

Somewhere relaxing to rest her sweet face.

The woman’s friends began to search for this home

Knowing the type of person they needed.


They got several calls a day to inquire of Snoopy

But most people were families

With young kids and endless background noise.

After a week the older woman started to fear

That Snoopy would be trapped in her reclusive life here.


Then on Saturday a graduate student called,

He was looking for a dog to help calm his nerves.

He had returned from Iraq and left the military

Gone back to school, but he was having trouble adjusting.

Later that day he stopped by to meet Snoopy.


He was calm and reserved, almost as much as the dog.

So quiet was he, Snoopy didn’t hide long.

Before too long he had put her leash on

And out for a stroll they had quietly gone.

Then everyone knew this was the right fit.


Snoopy went home and lived a long active life

Helping the student recover from the battle’s long strife.

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From Crate to Crazy

Chauncho had lived his life trapped in a crate.

He was found on the side of the road as a pup,

Alone and afraid of the cars that were passing

This poor little guy felt best when confined.

When he was out, his tail wrapped tight on his behind.


Two years Chauncho lived like this

Afraid to come out and act like a dog.

Chauncho grew until he was nearly 50 pounds.

A bit overweight, but eating was what he liked to do

Anything else and he would hide like you had the flu.


People were scary, he just couldn’t cope,

And other dogs, to meetings his tail said “Nope”

The wide open space was a terrible thing

So take him outside and he would not go far

Especially if he was passed by a car.


Finally a lady adopted him from the vet.

Two years old and he didn’t know how to live

So she thought a caring home she could give.

She already had a dog who knew how to train

And thought with him help this scared pup could be tamed.


On walks the dog nearly pulled out her arm.

At the slightest noise he would jerk with alarm,

Even the older dog was not a strong enough charm.

Nearly a year went by and the only real change

Was Chauncho no longer found the backyard to strange.


Then something happened to help the dog learn,

The woman packed up and moved across the country.

Chauncho had learned inside a car could be fun

Now he was thrilled by getting out at rest stops

Even though all the cars there, eh, he built his chops.


After six months of living in the Pacific Northwest

This fearful puppy changed from being a mess

To loving the outdoors, and dog parks the absolute best.

He learned not to pull or cause a big scene

And he got to play so often it was obscene.

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