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Small Size, Big Heart

Bean was as small as her name would suggest.

She was little in stature and mental capacity

Most people thought her no more than a pest.


She was most timid around people she did not know

But around other dogs she was brilliantly happy.

And when it came to her comrades, there was nowhere she wouldn’t go.


When one day some people noticed she had no collar

They decided to catch her and give her a steady place to call home,

And they did not take long to decide what to call her.


Despite the fact that she was constantly scared

The people kept working with her to make her feel better

Especially since she was so sweet her teeth she never had bared.


They took her to the vet, the park, and the store

And after a while she realized that things weren’t at all bad.

Now she had people to love and adore.

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Learned Dog

One day a dog made his way into a school

Something the students thought was very cool.

He roamed the halls before the classes got started

He seemed to really like the smell of theater and art.


When the teachers realized he was romping through the halls

They knew they had to get him into a set of new walls.

But who would catch this free-spirited boy?

At a place like a school where they had not one dog toy.


One student was able to catch up with the distraction

By playing and prancing, by quick thoughtful action.

The teachers were glad the first part was over

But now what should they do with this unknown school rover?


The stiffen again came to the schools rescue

Leading the dog to the front office he knew

His parents would take on this lovable guy

Because they really loved dogs, outgoing or shy.


So with a call to his mom to dog soon found a home

A new place to eat sleep and roam.

He was most pleased with this turn or events

Because now he had a home with new scents.

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Constant Companion

A family needed a second dog for their home

They felt guilty for how much their boy spent all alone.


Since the new dog was to serve as a day time companion

They felt it best that the dog who was to benefit be the new dogs champion.


The family arrives with their dog leading them into the place.

You could tell he knew what was coming by the huge smile in his face.


They got to take dogs out in the field

To see which the best relationship would yield.


Once inside the dog went from crate to crate

Deciding which dog was next for this special play date.


The first dog was scared, intimidate be a larger dog

So they decided to try again after the little guy spent the time behind a log.


The next one was aggressive and wanted to show she was on top

Trying to get her to chill didn’t help, she just wouldn’t stop.


The next one was smaller but not by a lot

He was a French Bulldog, white with black spots.


The two hit it off and played oh so well

Everyone new exactly what this time had to tell.


They had found the dog who could easily provide

The time and attention that their dog needed when they weren’t by his side.

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Gift of Love

It was almost her birthday and she had just finished middle school

Now she would get a gift the showed how she had matured.

This year over summer a dog was her choice

A desire over the years she had often given voice.


Of course there were some pretty firm rules

About the type of dog she could have.

The dog could be no younger than three

Because the dog would spend lots of time alone, something too hard on a puppy.


The dog should be at least middle sized

So he could provide protection when the kid was home alone.

The dog should also be very friendly and mellow

Like a lab, black, brown, or yellow.


So the girl was taken to the local shelter

Where they had several dogs who met the criteria

Sweet loving dogs not probe to hysteria.

But one dog in particular made the girl’s heart melt.


He was oldish and largish, and he looked like a lab

But that wasn’t the only breed this dog had.

He was also part chow

A fact you could see when he would lie down.


His tongue was speckled with black on the pink

Reminding the family of camouflage in his mouth.

It was particularly funny with his midnight black fur

As if he didn’t want people to see him coming or notice him wake and begin to stir.


He was extremely well trained, he was a gentleman on a leash.

Though he was close to 100 pounds

He had not a problem with any dogs around.

The girl knew then that the best dog had been found.

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Not Just Any Home Will Do

Pepper was a medium-sized dog,

A mutt of the kind that looks kind of mean,

One eye kind of points in the wrong direction

Making her look a little unstable,

But then who here can claim true perfection?


She roamed the streets looking for food

Never quite sure when she would get her next meal

Until one day she saw her chance.

A man had a car and the door was wide open,

This scene was all she needed, just one glance.


She bolted for that wide open door

And hopped right on in as the man turned to watch

Not expecting a new dog, not in the least

But now here she was, clearly a stray,

And for dogs he never learned to say “Nay!”


So home they went, poor Pepper in back,

Wagging her tail and enjoying the ride

Not knowing his home was not where her trip would end.

A couple weeks passed, and she had to learn not to fight

Because the other dogs liked her, they wanted to be friends.


She could not feel quite at home with his other dogs,

But he knew a woman who needed a pet.

And so he took Pepper to the vet

Then introduced the girl to the woman he knew

The woman accepted, but the dog was upset.


It was a new home, new smells she had not chosen.

It was scary and different, and there was still the scent of some dogs.

Failing to find any dogs who would make her feel peeved

Pepper began to adapt to this new home,

Within a year, Pepper was disappointed when her woman would leave.

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Who’s the Boss?

Mad Man Max was quite a young guy

But you would never know with just a glance.

At 100 pounds he looked like a monster,

A beast of the wilds, a guy who always wore the pants.


And so it was on one clear September day

That Mad Man Max was out for a walk

When he came to a driveway with a man at the end.

With the guy Max thought he should have a talk.


The man stood by his house tending to the yard

Until some distraction arrested his attention

This enormous creature was padding along

Heading his way, clearly it was his final decision.


Despite the large size, the boy had a smile on his face

The skin hanging down all over the place.

Mad Man Max was a large lab, yellow and young

Still his large size meant he had a slow pace.


He trotted along heading to this new man.

The man stood his ground waiting to see what would happen.

Was this the dog that he was destined to have?

It was a strange sense of intuition.


As soon as Mad Man Max reached this tall, red-haired man

They started to play and show instant affection.

And later that day when his family came over

Mad Man Max was shown without hesitation.


A loving klutz, that’s just what he was.

A cuddly pup in a massive dog body,

Everyone loved this really big guy.

Even though it was he who did the adopting.

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Dreams Really Do Come True

I never thought that one day my dreams would really come true,

To be given a dog as wonderful as you,

You fell from the heavens into the clouds

Then drifted onto this earth

And then one day,

You came to my door

All wrapped up in a blanket made of velour


I brought you into our home

And named you, “Rome”

Now we share our lives together

 Breathing the same air,

Sharing the same love,

We have for each other,


As I hold you so tight,

Yet, so gentle in my arms

Your fur feels so soft,

The touch of your paws feels so tender,

Your heart is so dear,


You protect all the time,

Always right by my side

Life feels so safe when I am with you


Your cuddling is always so comforting,

Your heart is filled to the top with love,

You always show you care,

Life would not be so special,

If I didn’t have you to share it with


All the games we play

I could never imagine life without you

I am so lucky to have you

To cuddle,

To hold,

To hug,

And to love,


When life gets rough and tough

When things get me down

You are always there for me

And I’ll always be there for you


 I hope I show you through my actions

And through the loving words I express to you,

How special you are to me,

How I appreciate you and love you,

How much joy you bring to me,

My heart is full of love and appreciation

Because without a pet like you

I would never be as happy as I am

You make life fun

Especially, when were out in the sun

Running around

All the green grassy grounds

What a special little hound you are my little “Rome!”


You fill my soul with such energy

For this, I am forever grateful,

For all, eternity

I am blessed to have a dog as wonderful as you.

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Racing to Retirement

Peach was a real racer when out on the track,

And when it came to winning, she had a real knack.

One day she was injured while out running a race,

Despite all the pain she finished at a quick pace.

Later the vet said she had broken her tail

To fix it she would have to say farewell

To the lower part because it couldn’t be fixed.

After it was gone, her racing results were mixed.

She couldn’t win as much as she once did

So it was time another farewell to bid.

Her handlers found her a kind older couple

Who adopted Peach and gave her a love that was supple.

Poor Peach had a sister, and her name was Plum.

Once her sister was gone, Plum was quite glum.

She too was a winner, but now not so much

After losing her sister, Plum no longer had the touch

Nor the heart to keep going like she used to do,

She just wasn’t as close to the other dogs that she knew.

They both were quite old in the racing world,

For five long years Plum had raced, tail all unfurled.

Just a few months after her sister was adopted

A plan Plum’s handlers concocted.

The loving older couple had room in their home

Room enough for two retired racers to roam.

So they called up the couple and the next thing Plum knew

She was back with her sister,  and they knew just what to do.

Now they lounge all day, except when it’s time for a walk,

And people stop to stare and to gawk

At the two lovely sisters who look so much alike

Except for their tails, one ends like a short spike.

Still they are happy and quite enjoy each day

Cause they are together, and that’s the best way to play.

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