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Dog on the Silver Screen

My favorite doggy dream,

Is of gracing the silver screen,

Like Rin Tin Tin or Lassie.


My kookiest doggy dream,

Is to fill the silver screen,

With wacky canine comedy.


My fondest doggy dream,

Mimics the silver screen,

As if I’m living inside a movie.


My scariest doggy dream,

Is having to share that screen,

With Frankenstein or the Mummy.


My wackiest doggy dream,

As is relates to the film,

Involves something called “The Academy”.


My wildest doggy dream,

Is to see the silver screen,

Filled with a jumbo sized me!

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All the Way to China

Some crazy days,
I get a notion,
To dig my way,
To China.

Other days,
I’m in a mood,
To tunnel out,
To Russia.

In between,
I often dream,
Of trotting off,
To Australia.

Here and there,
I may think I,
Can make it,
To Tunisia.

My goal is not,
To run away,
To disappear,
Or leave ya.

I simply start,
To fantasize,
‘Bout what life is like,
…in Rhodesia!

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Barkity, Bark, Bark

There are times,
I can tell,
When all,
You hear is:

Barkity, bark, bark!

There are days,
I admit,
When it’s,
As simple as:

Barkity, bark, bark!

There are some,
You should know,
When what,
I mean is:

Barkity, bark, bark!

There are more,
Lots, in fact,
When I,
Say tons with:

Barkity, bark, bark!

But, there are no,
Wasted words,
When the,
Words I use are:

Barkity, bark, bark!

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Dog Days

Yawn. Slurp, slurp. Lick, lick. It’s dawn.

Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. Time to walk.

Scratch, scratch, Sniff, sniff,
Then head home.

Slurp, slurp. Chomp, chomp. Breakfast.

Kick, kick. Whimper, whimper. Wake up.

Look up,
Spy a sandwich. It’s lunch!

Beg, beg. Watch you eat. Give up.

Lie back down.
Enjoy the sun.
And dog days, of course!

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April Fools – The Tricks on You!

Lying in bed,

Fast asleep,

Tucked under the covers with my dog Hovers


A ray of light,

Ever so bright,

Hits me in the eyes,


What a surprise!

 I just realize

What special day is today…






Guess, what day is today?

Today is April Fool’s Day!!!






Tricks and licks

Laughs and baths



There are sneaky pranksters out there

Just like us



  “It’s time to get ready for school, Gus”

“You don’t want to miss the bus!!!”


Quick Hover lets hide under the bed!

It’s almost time to be fed

Mom will never guess where we are


We’ll hide and when she comes in

She sees we’re nowhere to be found

She’ll bound to become frightened

Then I will yell

And you’ll bark



So, that’s what we did

Except mommy got mad,

And said I was punished

Hover and I became sad,

We didn’t mean to get mommy mad,

But mommy turned and said “April Fools!”

The tricks on you!!!

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My dog goes flying through the air
Flying here and there.

My dog Kent flies everywhere

He raises his paws

And leaps high into the sky

Soaring through the air

Looking oh so strong, like a big grizzly bear

He takes care of the city

Protecting them from evil

Protecting the good

Getting rid of the bad

Because evil doers make him mad

Faster than a speeding bullet

More power than a locomotive

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

He lands,

He leaps,

He flies,

To protect the city he loves

 He’s Superdoggie

He’s like an acrobat;
the coolest ever flying dog.
And how’d he get this great power?
By finding and chewing on the krypton bone.

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Can’t Stop Barking

I can’t stop barking, I don’t know why, Every time you ask, I sincerely try.

I can’t stop pacing, I don’t know when, This urge to patrol, Will finally end.

I can’t stop eating, Whatever I see,
I just don’t know, What motivates me.

I can’t stop pulling, Away from the pack, Don’t know how long, This rebellion will last.

I can’t stop eating,
Like there’s no tomorrow, Maybe someone has a, Muzzle I can borrow?

I can’t stop acting,
Like a dog, you see,
But I know that I want you, To trust in me.

It may be hard,
To do the small stuff right, But I’m willing to try,
With all my might!

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My Owner’s Shoes

I’ll give ya one for the money, Two for the show,
Three to get ready,
Now go, cat, go…

But don’t you,
Step on my owner’s shoes;
Hey, you can do anything,
But stay offa my owner’s shoes!

Yeah, you can yank my leash, Tug at my ears,
Squeeze me tight,
Or pull me near.

You can do anything,
You wanna do,
But no, no kitty,
Don’t paw at those shoes.

I say, don’t you,
Paw at my owner’s shoes;
See, you can do anything,
But stay offa my owner’s shoes!

You can pull my chain, Sneeze in my face, Leave your scent,
All over the place.

But, don’t you,
Step on my owner’s shoes;
Cat, you can go anything,
But stay offa my owner’s shoes!

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I’m a Dog

Some people,
Want to call me,
Their “baby”.

Some kids,
Want to dress me,
Up like a lady.

Some elder folk,
Like to pull me,
Up close.

Others think,
Confounding me,
Is a joke.

Still others,
Like to hide,
My bone.

To those,
I say can’t ya,
Leave me alone?

I’m a dog,
Loathe to bite,
But, keep messin’ with me

…and I’d have every right!

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I may be small,
But I make big sounds,
I’m Bark-a-rella,
The loudest dog in town!

I’m not waiting,
For my prince to come,
Or for anyone to save me,
From the terror I’ve become!

I’m not super sure,
When it all got started,
When I took my first bark,
Or why I act cold-hearted.

‘Cause deep down,
I sincerely say,
I really don’t mean,
To chase people away.

I don’t even mean,
To scare off other dogs,
Barking, for me, is like,
Oinking to a hog.

I’m Bark-a-rella,
And I guess I do,
Need more attention,
Or guidance from you.

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