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Memories to Remember that Remain Alive In My Heart Forever

As I sit upon a cliff,

And stare high into the sky,

As the crisp air and windless meadows creates a serene silence

Surrounded by inner peace, serenity, and tranquility

I begin to ponder fond memories of the past…


My Danny Boy left this world,

However, he left behind such precious memories to remember,

Ones that will embrace my heart,

As the time has come for us to part,

Your soul will never leave me
You have become a part of me

As your love will always embrace my heart

As your love is locked inside of me

As I continue to look high into the sky

I can imagine you in the Heavens above,
Miles of fresh meadows

And beautiful green hillsides

There’s my Danny Boy chasing after his favorite blue ball

As the bright sun shines down on him

Jumping and playing

His body is strong once again.
Faster and faster,

He runs without any worries or pains,


I know his sparkling brown eyes help to light up sky

And when darkness falls

And the stars set in

Maybe one of those stars is my Danny Boy watching over me.


I will always love my precious Danny Boy

The moments we shared,

The time we spent

Your precious memories will always remain alive in my heart

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Doggone Family Night

Your faithful companion, Snuggled on the couch, With bowls of chips,
And salsa…

That’s what family night should be!

Lying on the rug, On our backs, Looking up,
At nothing…

That’s what family night could be!

Barking together, For no reason, Walks outdoors, In any season…

That’s what family night ought to be!

You on the ottoman, Me on the sofa, Popcorn, ice cream, And drinks nearby…

That’s what family night used to be!

Sharing the love, Being together, Getting up close, And personal…

That’s what family night means – to me!

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Baking a Cake with My Dog Jake

Every morning when I wake,

I looking forward to playing with my dog Jake

Jake is special,

Jake is fun,

Jake loves to play in the sun


So, I hopped in the shower

Threw on my clothes,

And Jake and I ran outside to play

Almost for the entire day


Suddenly, I heard mom’s loud voice

“Come on in! It’s time to bake the cake for your brother Drake.” 


So, Jake and I went in

We had some lunch

Jake and I ate a whole bunch

After lunch,

 I asked my mom,

“Can Jake bake the cake with us today?”


You know…

Jake likes to bake

And since we’re going to make a cake

For my brother Drake

Who is turning eight

We should let Jake help us too


He may be a dog

However, he is part of the family too

And he should do

Whatever we do


“Isn’t that right Jake?”




“Oh for goodness sake!

I guess Jake can help make the cake”


 We went in the cupboard,

I got some bowls,

Some spoons,

And Jake got his bone


Mom went to the fridge

And got out all the things we needed

To make a special cake for my brother Drake


We baked and baked

And laughed real hard too

Especially, when the flour fell on Jakes head


Jake lead out a loud roar



Then he shook the white flour all over the place

Especially, on me and moms face


We laugh and laughed

Till we were blue in the face


We cleaned up the mess

And finished the cake for Drake

And later that day,

We had a great birthday party too!


What a fun memory

I’ll always remember

The day I baked a cake with Jake for my Brother Drake 

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One Sail, One Boat, One Bond

I’m so excited because today is a very special day

It’s not just any day in May

It’s a day I’ll always remember

Because me, my dad, my grandpa and my dog Ray are going sailing today


Dad yelled aloud, “Come on Jay!”

“Let’s Go!”

“It’s time for our special day today!”


We hopped in the car

We drove passed the bay

Dad asked, “Are you excited today Jay?”

“Yes soirée can’t you see?”

I can’t wait to sail in the big blue sea!”


We arrived at shore and headed toward the dock

Dad unlocked the boat

I put on my big yellow coat

I looked toward the sky

I aimed real high

As I jumped onto the boat with my big yellow coat

Ahoy Mateys

And anchors away

We sailed into endlessly into the big blue seas


As we sailed deep into the big blue seas,

I look around me,

And guess what I see?

Three generations

My grandpa,

My dad,

My dog Ray and me


Three generations of family,

Who grew up in three different era’s of time

We have different ideas,

Different thoughts,

Different feelings,

And even my dog Ray who is different from the rest of us

Share one thing in common,

The love we have for each other


A love that holds us together and bonds us as one

A love that will make us stand by each other’s side through thick and thin

 A love that has entered each of our hearts

And shall never leave even after we perish

The love we have for each other will remain in our hearts forever

And the memories we create will travel through time

As each generation keeps our memories alive with the stories, they have to tell about the good old days.


 Oh, listen father,

Oh, listen grandpa

Oh, listen Ray,

 And you shall hear

The sound of the ocean and the calmness of the sea,

 As I stare down to see the depth of the sea

As the beauty of the waves slowly dances their way into my heart


I look to my family and say…

Oh what a special day this day is to me,

My grandpa,

My father,

My dog Ray and me,

Together forever

As our love ties us as one

As our bond shall never be broken


Even though we are different

It is the one thing we have in common that bonds as one

It is the love we all share for each other


“Isn’t that right Ray?”

My dog Ray looked up at me

As his eyes gleamed with joy

His heart filled with love

He let out a bark,

Then I gave him a hug,


As I thought to myself

How powerful love is…

It can strengthen you

It makes you grow

It can make you see the world in a different light

                   It gives you new meaning and purpose in life

In our case, it has bonded the four of us as one


One family

One love

One memory to cherish forever…

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Do You Know How Much I Care – My Fury Little Friend?

When I woke up in the morning,

The sun was high and bright

As time begins to dwindle

I look up at the sun and begin to rekindle

All the precious moments I spent with my fury little friend


Do you think he knows how much I care?

Do you think he knows how much he means to me?

How my fury little friend makes me smile,

How he brought me such joy ever since I was a little boy

How I love my dog, Roy

As I watch him play with his little toy


Do you think he knows how much love I hold in my heart?

How I love my favorite fury little friend

How he fills my soul with such delight

How he makes any gloomy day feel ever so bright


All the times we cuddle,

All the times we play,

All the times we swam in the big blue bay


I know the love I have for my fury little friend will never leave.
There are too many happy memories to conceive
I cannot believe all the precious moments that we shared,
all the wonderful times that I have to remember

I’ll never forget all the great times we spent

I’m grateful to share my life with you.

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My Buddy Boot & Me – A Memory to Remember

What a sweet memory to remember

It was a sunny day in the month of June

We were in the car listening to our favorite tunes

The ocean wave brings us down to the Jersey shore

We hopped out of the car

 I ran right to the warm sands

“Wait for us, cried mom!”

Surrounded by sandcastles that reaches the sky

Feeling the sand in my toes and within my suit

And all over my favorite dog, “Boot”

We plunged into the seas

As the tall waves crashed ever so soft against us

We are one

As we run through the waves

Excitedly, I run out from the ocean waters

As my favorite friend runs after me

My buddy Boot

Running as my doggie chases me in the sand

As our playful fiesta slowly comes to a sweet ending 

I patted him on his head and gave him a big hug

I went over to mommy, so I could eat because my tummy was growling for a treat

 I ate an ice cream cone

As boot chewed on his bone

This has been the best day ever!

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A Fond Winter Memory to Remember of My Dog Roe and Me

As we sit in the cabin,

All nuzzled by the fireplace,

Covered in soft, wool blankets,

Snuggled next to my dog Roe

Sipping cocoa in big, red mugs

Sharing hugs,

And listening to Grandma share stories from the “good old days”



The long wind blows

Sounding like a wolf howling at the edge of a cliff

As the full moon gleams

Making the sky so bright

So much light

For one night


 Surrounded outside by the white glistening snow

The air so cool,

The skies so clear,

The snow so fluffy,

And untouched,

Not a footprint to be seen from miles away


 Full of joy

I can feel the excitement all through my bones

Starting from the top of my spine,

All the way, down to tippy toes


 I pop up from the covers

And jump up from the couch

I threw on my snowsuit,

Put on my boots,

My Jacket,

Last but not least,

I threw on my hat, my shoes and my gloves


 I turned my head and yelled,

“Here Roe,

Come Boy”

Roe jumped from the couch and quickly followed me out the door


 We ran through the snow

As his head laid low

As he licked the snow


 I yelled,

Once more,

“Here Roe,

Come Boy”


 With all his might

He dashed toward me

Like a speed of light

He jumped high up in the air

And threw his paws on to my chest and knocked me right over


 I put a smiled on my face that stretched from ear to ear

And chuckled with loud laughter

And loudly I said,

“I love you, Roe”


 “Hey, let’s make snow angels my little buddy Roe!”

I moved my arms from side to side

Like a bird would when flying in the sky

And swished my leg from left to right



Our snow angel appeared

A fond memory was made

One that will be cherished

And remembered forever

A fond memory of Roe and me

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When I’m Quiet

I know you worry,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you’re shocked,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you love it,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you’re amazed,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you wonder,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you’re curious,
… when I’m quiet.

I know you think,
… when I’m quiet.

That is must mean,
… when I’m quiet.

That something’s up,
… when I’m quiet.

But I’m hear to tell you,
… when I’m quiet.

I’m simply too tired to bark!

Version 1 – Performed By Georgia & Romany

Version 2 – Performed By Yvonne & Romany

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A Wet Moonlight Journey

It was a chilly rainy night as WooFDriver set out to take flight. His adventurous side was calling on him for this incredible ride!! Choosing to drive this weather without wind or forecast danger, he felt safe To venture out in search of a route of not a destination but a journey of appreciation and cooperation forged together, reaching new heights that will last forever!!

He harnessed the WooFPAK up which included Czar, Hudson, and the Princess pup!! The clouds melted in to the darkness of night as this dog driven ride took flight with not another soul in sight!!

This was about enjoying the solitude of this adventurous mood. Finding Comfort with the dogs and depending on each other for the haul.

A controlled sense of survival which had him looking forward to his arrival!! He was absorbing the wisdom of this outing even as the wet kept mounting.

As the trail traveled on and the further distance he had gone, his senses were keen and the steady rain sounded like a dream!! How fitting this seemed a tail of a designed tougher time but refined enough To constantly remind him of the passion that he never rations just finds a way to explore it everyday!!

This experience has eternal presence in WooFDriver’s mind that always let’s him reflect back on that incredible time!! Where some are discouraged to engage a challenge, WooFDriver is encouraged, In his quest for balance!! He has sought lessons that are taught through nature but avoiding danger just calculated measures that can help define his life’s treasures!!

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The Shenandoah

The Shenandoah is the valley and river that we visit often to soften our lives and see the beauty of the countryside.

It has deep roots in American Indian history which so adds to it’s mystery!! A storybook setting where we can take the dogs jetting!!

In the summer months it can get rather hot but the river provides a nice chill spot. Of course the dogs runs slow to a trot but we all just love the scenery and the greenery!! This is heaven on earth as it was meant to be!!

In the Autumn the leaves put on a show with all their glow. If you have caught’em in the past your memory’s will last of bright colors and endless wonders. From a ride on Skyline Drive to the caverns and caves that really remind us of the older days!!

Our dogs feel right at home as we roam the nearby stone of The Blue Ridge Mountains and see the Fountains and waterfalls. This place really has it all!!

Sometimes at night when the sky is right, The stars and moon are so bright you feel like you are in flight through the galaxy, there is so much to see!! This is The Shenandoah which means daughter of the stars, its not Noah on his ark but WooFDriver has this place in his heart!!

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