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CALL OF DUTY – Just One of the Team

Dogs have been a part of war for a very long time

Probably since they first joined by man’s side,

But it has taken a long time for them to be brought into games

Even when the situations are exactly the same

As the conditions that men went through in history,

Like World Wars I and II, an annoying fact I have to confide.


Finally in Call of Duty: Ghosts dogs gained the recognition they deserve,

Serving along with the player as they work through a new world

A place so unfriendly and unlike the places you have known

Fighting in a world gone awry, rising from the horrible seeds it has sown.

The player traverses during a time in an unknown future,

A time and place where evil grows like cancer, morphing before it unfurls.


Into this you world you need not go alone,

You have a firm friend in a German Shepherd named Riley.

He carries a pack with stuff you will need

Helping you fight to make sure you remain freed

From the disasters that roll across the wastelands

No matter how bad, with this dog you will always have a reason to smile.

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The first game to really make use of a dog as a playable character

Was Dragon Age, a surprising smash hit.

With characters like your dog it comes as no surprise,

That players found such pleasure in commanding and playing with it.


Depending on what origins you pick for your character,

The dog might start at your side

Otherwise he’ll join you later after the first major battle.

From then on interaction will have you splitting your sides.


Initially the dog is a pretty good fighter,

However, he had far less room for growth than the rest of the party

So often he does not get quite as much use.

But interacting with him at base creates some of the most joviality.


He treats each party member differently, depending on personality,

Cause he is by far the smartest in your group,

Steady and stable, he is extremely affectionate

And he can really help when you are in a depressive loop.


At one point when you are locked in a prison,

You can elect to have him come to your rescue.

Then two party members will set out to help you get free

And you wouldn’t believe how persuasive he is for you.


Even if you don’t bring your dog into fights,

You should always make sure to visit him in camp.

There is plenty of interaction to amuse.

Then ever so often let him fight to keep him from becoming a tramp.

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NINETENDOGS – Virtual Pets to Make Your Heart Melt

For those with allergies or too little time,

Nintendo has created a game to help you out.

Nintendogs is for the Nintendo DS

On this platform you have your choice of dogs,

And they are all puppies no less.


This ingenious little game gives the player a chance

To see how well they can care for another creature

It even lets you play fetch and chase.

You also need to take care to groom your dog

And teach him commands like to stay in one place.


Perhaps the cutest part of the entire game

Is that you can pet your cute little guy.

Watch him roll over and let you rub his little belly

He’ll wag his small tail and bark in his glee,

Then run around and act generally silly.


For those who take the game online

You can interact with others out “walking” their pets

Watch as the dogs play and romp around the park,

Take the cute boy home for a long nap.

He’ll let you know when it’s time to play again with a bark.

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RESIDENT EVIL 4 – Lone Fighter

One of the things that makes people keep coming back

For more of the Resident Evil franchise,

Is all of the actions that events that are such a surprise,

Including a dog that is part of no pack.


Resident Evil 4 was one of the best received games of all time

And lives on today as one of the best games ever made.

They had so much success, they could easily have stayed

With the plots and events of the earlier time line.


But with this installment the game had so much that was new,

Including little gems that made it entirely unique.

Finding a dog in the wood will you interest initially peak,

Then you see it is in a bear trap, and you have choices of what to do.


If you do what is right and free the dog with great care,

You will get no quick reward and he runs off into the wood.

You continue on thinking it only a warning of what you should

Watch for up ahead, bear traps are everywhere.


Later on you will reach the first real boss

He’s huge and he’s ugly as can be

And it’s easy to think “Give up!” when you first see

His hideous visage and the boulders he can toss.


As you back in the cut scene that ensues,

It is a howl that soon diverts your attention.

Not just you, but the boss is seeking this cacophonous division

To the sounds in his head, the ones seeking to make you dead.


Then from the boulder the dog that you rescued

Jumps from a cliff, his leg is still red.

Now he’s here to help you stay off your deathbed.

He distracts the beast while you determine what you should do.


Once the fight is all done

Once the battle is through

The dog runs off into, this time for good.

The player, Leon, is left to knowing what he should do.

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RESIDENT EVIL – Low Toned Terror

Not all video game dogs are there to fight by your side.

One of the first games to bring in our friends

Did not use them to make the player feel safe.

Quite the opposite, the sound of a bark

Makes the player moan and want to get out of the dark.


The very first Resident Evil began with a question.

What happened to the first team to go in?

When you reach the site of the crash from their chopper,

You find that they didn’t all make it alive

And now you wonder who was able to survive.


Your own helicopter takes off at the start,

Stranding you and your team in the forest in dark.

That is when you hear the dreaded bark.

Your heart begins pounding, your lungs have rapid expansion,

As dogs chase you through the forest and into a mansion.


From there the player learns of the other foes.

Where they hide and what they are the player doesn’t know.

And for the rest of the game it is woe after woe.

The periodic howl and low toned growl

Is the only reminder that dogs too are on the prowl.

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FABLE – Treasure Hunting in Albion

Fable was one of the most amazing games,

But one thing that was really frustrating was finding things.

Treasure chests and buried things were impossible to find

When it was just you searching without a clue.

And that is something significantly improved in Fable II.


The way this problem is solved is entirely ingenious

With the use of a dog who is always there to help.

This little guy likes to follow you around and hunt for things lost.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a good guy or bad

The dog is your friend, never showing signs he is sad.


When you first meet the dog it is taking abuse.

You are a child, but you and Rose can’t stand what you see.

You intervene and save the dog from the bullies,

And in return the dog finds something you’ve been seeking.

Later when you are home, you see the dog is nearby at you peeking.


Not only does the dog help you finish a mission,

When you are launched out of the window of a mansion,

The loving dog finds you and gets you some help,

Then tends to you while you begin to mend.

After that, into the world with you he will descend.


So that is pretty much how you come to have a dog of your own,

And throughout the game that dog follows you around

Digging for things that have been hidden,

Searching for things that tell you what to do,

And when there is down time, playing catch just with you.

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Final Fantasy games are some of the best in the biz

Making interesting characters is something they do like a whiz.

Every so often they will pair up a person with pet

(And you wonder where in space or pre-history is the vet).

In Final Fantasy VIII there’s a spry, living girl

Who fights with a disc, she’ll whirl and she’ll twirl,

But it is not the disc that the bad guys should fear

When she and the team are in trouble a whistle you’ll hear.

Then game goes into a cut scene sequence

And then you know everyone gets real tense.

That tension evaporates in the blink of an eye

When a sweet looking dog appears, it’s no lie.

The dog may look sweet, but he’s building up speed

And what comes next is that you will succeed.

The dog burst right through the enemy before you

And defeating your Angelo, well that’s something they can’t do.

But this is just the first of his tricks.

Angelo can do things, look at the list and pick,

He can heal your party when they are down for the count

Or he can be a cannon with your arm as the mount.

He has the ability by the light of the moon

To deal extra damage, so you’ll be resting again soon.

But perhaps his most awesome attack

Is when he does all the fighting while you relax.

He has a maneuver where he dashes around fast as light

Pummeling bad guys and ending the fight.

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STAR FOX – The General Is In

Getting used to being order around by a dog

Each time you need a new mission

Now that is not something you see every day

Even if your dog thinks he’s alpha.

Reacting to the commands of General Pepper

Achieves the goals in Star Fox as you play

Listening to all the seasoned General has to say.

Patience and care are the best way to win

Every player is the fox, every order comes from Pepper

Playing missions based on his orders is how you begin

Provided you listen and do as your told

Every time you face trouble you’ll win in the end

Reacting and winning means you’ll want to play again and again.

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DUCK HUNT – Dog Without a Name

One of the most famous dogs in any video game

Is not exactly the type of dog you’d expect

In fact if he were real your home would be quite a wreck,

But this little pooch is oddest because he has no name.


The arcade game Duck Hunt has been around quite a while,

And the dog is the only character that you see

Because it’s first person, it’s just the dog and me.

Perhaps this is why when we see him we smile.


For every duck dog our faithful old dog

Bounces into the shrubs on a mission to fetch.

With a dog of that sort the mission is not a stretch

For he’s a true bird dog, through swamp, lake, or bog.


The first time you stand and watch the game sample

You see the duck fall and a tail in the grass

And wonder how long with that last.

Then the dog’s head pops up with a duck, for example.


No matter how long you stand and play

What most will remember is the joyful way

This pup pops up as if to say,

“I love hunting with you, we should hunt every day.”


In my honest opinion that happy look on his face

Is one of the reasons people come back again and again,

To get some quality time with our little nameless friend.

He’s quite a cutie and in your heart finds a place.

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K.K. SLIDER – The Rockingest Dog in Town

So much is made of dogs and their loyalty,

Or how courageous and loving these animals can be.

One thing that we often forget all about

Is how mellow so many are, no bark and no shout.


This is the template for one K.K.Slider,

The mellowest musician whose fingers do glide

Gently and lovingly as he plays you a song,

And just for a minute you feel nothing is wrong.


Every Saturday for the entire evening,

You can go see him and feel some peaceful relieving

After a day of work and chores

You now have a chance to sit back behind closed doors.


His repertoire is really quite amazing to hear

And you’ll tap your foot watching K.K. Slider’s cool gear.

He sings as he strums based on how you feel.

Do you want rock, ska, or steel?


This dog’s talents really have no bounds

And the price for his work is the best price in town.

For every week he’ll give you a song for free,

And you’ll go back weekly just his show you can see.

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