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April Fools – The Tricks on You!

Lying in bed,

Fast asleep,

Tucked under the covers with my dog Hovers


A ray of light,

Ever so bright,

Hits me in the eyes,


What a surprise!

 I just realize

What special day is today…






Guess, what day is today?

Today is April Fool’s Day!!!






Tricks and licks

Laughs and baths



There are sneaky pranksters out there

Just like us



  “It’s time to get ready for school, Gus”

“You don’t want to miss the bus!!!”


Quick Hover lets hide under the bed!

It’s almost time to be fed

Mom will never guess where we are


We’ll hide and when she comes in

She sees we’re nowhere to be found

She’ll bound to become frightened

Then I will yell

And you’ll bark



So, that’s what we did

Except mommy got mad,

And said I was punished

Hover and I became sad,

We didn’t mean to get mommy mad,

But mommy turned and said “April Fools!”

The tricks on you!!!

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My dog goes flying through the air
Flying here and there.

My dog Kent flies everywhere

He raises his paws

And leaps high into the sky

Soaring through the air

Looking oh so strong, like a big grizzly bear

He takes care of the city

Protecting them from evil

Protecting the good

Getting rid of the bad

Because evil doers make him mad

Faster than a speeding bullet

More power than a locomotive

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

He lands,

He leaps,

He flies,

To protect the city he loves

 He’s Superdoggie

He’s like an acrobat;
the coolest ever flying dog.
And how’d he get this great power?
By finding and chewing on the krypton bone.

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A Dogs Love Is a Never Ending Game

As I stand beneath the open sky

As the heat from the sun pours deep into my soul

I quickly stare at the snakeskin clouds that fill the deep blue skies above

 “Woof! Woof!”

My big blue eyes quickly gaze straight ahead

Into the big green fields that circle around us

Here comes my dog Choo

So Brave and fearless,

I know nothing can hurt me when Choo is around

He dashes toward me like a beam of light

My eyes begin to gleam,

As I begin to chuckle with delight

Two creatures Choo and I

Our bodies look nothing alike

 Yet our hearts are identical

With one main purpose

To love and cherish the friendship we have created

Our bond will never be broken

Our feelings for each other will never fade away

I look down at the green grass

And I bend over to grab the ball that lies beneath me

“Want to play catch, Choo?”

I bend my arm all the way back,

And threw the ball just like my big brother Zack

A big gust of wind blew through the air

And Choo’s blue ball soared through the big blue sky

Like a shooting star in the darkness of night

He dashed down the field like a beam of light

My heart filled with such delight

Games with our dogs are such fun to play

But each time we play only last for a short time each day

However, the love we have for our dogs is a never-ending game that will last a lifetime,

Locked tightly in the walls of our hearts forever

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Bucket Full of Love

A dog’s love never ends

A dog’s love begins from the moment you get them

And carries on throughout their lifetime


Dogs love to be loved

And they love to give love too


A dog’s love gives you a sense of security

They will always protect you

And watch over you


Their caring soul gives them the ability to love like no animal has ever loved before


Their love brings happiness to your heart

And joy to everyone around you

Their love brings smiles to millions of people every second of the day


They create memories in our lives,

That last forever in our hearts


When I think of dogs and I think of love this is what I think of…


L is for …

Long lasting love:  Sharing your life with the dogs you love


O is for …

Ongoing love: Dogs show unconditional love to only the ones they love, a special love that will warm your heart and soul.  This love is displayed ongoing every moment, everyday.   


V is for …

Very extraordinary: Dogs are anything but common animals. They develop lifelong bonds with the people that take care of them. Sometimes, they instinctively know when a human or animal companion is in trouble and in need of help. Whether it’s assisting the disabled or finding a person trapped underneath snow, dogs can be counted on for just about anything.

E is for …


Eternal: Your dogs love comes eternally from the heart.  There love is sincere and they will always remain faithful and honest.

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Memories to Remember that Remain Alive In My Heart Forever

As I sit upon a cliff,

And stare high into the sky,

As the crisp air and windless meadows creates a serene silence

Surrounded by inner peace, serenity, and tranquility

I begin to ponder fond memories of the past…


My Danny Boy left this world,

However, he left behind such precious memories to remember,

Ones that will embrace my heart,

As the time has come for us to part,

Your soul will never leave me
You have become a part of me

As your love will always embrace my heart

As your love is locked inside of me

As I continue to look high into the sky

I can imagine you in the Heavens above,
Miles of fresh meadows

And beautiful green hillsides

There’s my Danny Boy chasing after his favorite blue ball

As the bright sun shines down on him

Jumping and playing

His body is strong once again.
Faster and faster,

He runs without any worries or pains,


I know his sparkling brown eyes help to light up sky

And when darkness falls

And the stars set in

Maybe one of those stars is my Danny Boy watching over me.


I will always love my precious Danny Boy

The moments we shared,

The time we spent

Your precious memories will always remain alive in my heart

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Do You Know How Much I Care – My Fury Little Friend?

When I woke up in the morning,

The sun was high and bright

As time begins to dwindle

I look up at the sun and begin to rekindle

All the precious moments I spent with my fury little friend


Do you think he knows how much I care?

Do you think he knows how much he means to me?

How my fury little friend makes me smile,

How he brought me such joy ever since I was a little boy

How I love my dog, Roy

As I watch him play with his little toy


Do you think he knows how much love I hold in my heart?

How I love my favorite fury little friend

How he fills my soul with such delight

How he makes any gloomy day feel ever so bright


All the times we cuddle,

All the times we play,

All the times we swam in the big blue bay


I know the love I have for my fury little friend will never leave.
There are too many happy memories to conceive
I cannot believe all the precious moments that we shared,
all the wonderful times that I have to remember

I’ll never forget all the great times we spent

I’m grateful to share my life with you.

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My Buddy Boot & Me – A Memory to Remember

What a sweet memory to remember

It was a sunny day in the month of June

We were in the car listening to our favorite tunes

The ocean wave brings us down to the Jersey shore

We hopped out of the car

 I ran right to the warm sands

“Wait for us, cried mom!”

Surrounded by sandcastles that reaches the sky

Feeling the sand in my toes and within my suit

And all over my favorite dog, “Boot”

We plunged into the seas

As the tall waves crashed ever so soft against us

We are one

As we run through the waves

Excitedly, I run out from the ocean waters

As my favorite friend runs after me

My buddy Boot

Running as my doggie chases me in the sand

As our playful fiesta slowly comes to a sweet ending 

I patted him on his head and gave him a big hug

I went over to mommy, so I could eat because my tummy was growling for a treat

 I ate an ice cream cone

As boot chewed on his bone

This has been the best day ever!

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Russ And Me On Halloween

Russ and Me on Halloween – What a memory to remember

The month of October
One of the best months of the year
The trees look so pretty
Filled with such bright colors
And blue,
Shiny orange,
And purple too
What an amazing sight to see
My eyes are star struck
As I gaze out the window
Watching the wild winds blow the leaves to the ground

However, this is only the beginning
The day has just begun

Oh, I’m so excited,
As excited as I could ever be
As I dash to the door
And open it about a notch or two
As I gaze out the door
My doggie Russ lets out a load roar


I look down and over to the right
“You’re just as excited as me!”
As today is Halloween!

Sweets and lots of treats
There’s no better day than today

“Isn’t that right Russ?”


I put on my costume
And grabbed my bag
Russ waited by the door


Mom dashed through the kitchen door like a bolt of lighting
She was just as excited as I was!

Mom let out a chuckle
As she saw that, Russ and I were wearing the same belt buckle

As mom open the door as we got ready to leave
I look over at mom then directly at Russ
Boy! This is the best day ever!
What a memory to remember
A day I will truly cherish forever…

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My Dogs Are My Protectors – I Shall Not Fear

As I stand high above the leveled grounds,

Standing on the edge

Wedged between my dogs and me


Looking at the beautiful ridged grounds that surround me

I see no boundaries in sight

The light looks so bright

As the rays from the sun cast upon me before the night

The clouds feel so near



I suddenly feel a feeling of fear

As cold chills run down my spine

I hear a gust of wind howl like a pack of wolves in mist of darkness as the night begins to make its way in

I’m scared Mommy and Daddy, “What’s that sound?”


I grab my precious dogs

Who protect me day and night

The feeling of their warm, thick coat makes me feel safe and secure

Knowing that there near

I realize there is nothing to fear,

Nothing can harm me,

Or hurt me,

Or even alarm me

Because my dogs, “Curt” and “Bert”

Are here to take care of me


The distant howls continue to echo

Caused by the winds that surround me

However, the fear inside me is no longer exists

I am no longer afraid

I no longer fear

My dogs, “Curt” and “Bert” give me courage I need

They fill my bones with plenty of strength indeed

Just with all the love and care, they give me

I know I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way

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Thinking Of Gus While on the Bus

As I sit on the bus

All I can think about is my dog, “Gus”

His furry little ears,

His big brown eyes,

Filled with unconditional love

His body feels so soft just like a dove



The bus suddenly comes to a stop

And you can hear the doors pop

I pop up from my seat

In less than a second of a beat

I dash out of the door

And pop out into the street


As I gaze straight ahead

As the sun gleams down on me

I see my dog, “Gus” waiting for me


Our eyes connect,

Both our bodies fill with excitement

As we quickly run toward each other

As he hops in to my arms


I hug him tight


I missed you too Gus!


I bent down toward the ground

To pick up his toy mouse

As we ran toward the house

I pushed opened the door

As “Gus” jumped up on me

I toppled to the ground as he licked my face

“Hee, Hee, Hee”

I love you, “Gus”!

I missed you so much!

I am so lucky to have right next to me

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