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I’ll Be There by Your Side


 May you always have a dog by your side,

Watching out for you in all the things, you do

To show you love the way dogs do


Especially when times get tough

Through their cuddles, licks and ways of affection

They remind us to keep believing in brighter days

Helping to strengthen us so we can believe that our hopes and dreams will one day come true


Showing us that all positive things are possible

If we believe and stay positive as they do,

Because even when they get hurt they strive to get better

They show their strength and perseverance through their determination to get better and to never give up

They are like a train that keeps on chugging no matter how old the engine

They’re the type of animal you always want by your side,

May you always have love and comfort from a dog who loves you

A dog to cradle your wounds

And to love you unconditionally

A dog that encourages your dreams

By strengthening your hope with their love

Inspiring happiness,

Walking by your side,

Sitting on your lap,

Through it all 

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A New Special Friend

No matter where in the world you live

There is always that special dog in a shelter waiting for you

Hundreds of dogs that come from all over,

Every breed,

Every shape and every size to be found


These dogs want someone to love,

To protect,

And to care for


They long to find that special someone that will love and care for them too

These dogs will devote their lives to you

They will never judge you

Every person has a special doggie that they are destined to meet

Keep your eyes open

Because they are waiting for you at the shelter

So hop in the car

And come on by


It’s time to open your heart

And let their love pour in

Because that special dog is waiting there for you


A dog you can hold and cradle in your arms

Ever so tight

A dog you can cuddle with at night

As they snuggle in between your sheets

Right before you shut the light

And say goodnight…


Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to that special dog, standing right by your bedside?

Staring you in the eyes

As his love PAWS out to you!


You know it would

So come on by

And adopt a new, special friend today!


Save a life,

Make a memory

And cherish all the special moments you make together!


To different creatures,

Bonded together as one

As the love you create for each other will bring you eternal happiness that will last a lifetime… 

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A Dogs Love Is Like A Sunset

A Dogs Love Is Like A Sunset

As I lay on the soft white sands of the ocean shore
Listening to the blue ocean waters pour up onto beach
I gaze straight ahead watching the sunset
Casting an orange light straight across the sky
As the sun begins to go to sleep
So peaceful,
So gentle,
Such a warm, loving feeling the sunset brings

The same feelings my dog “Barney” brings to me as I gaze into his eyes,
Watching him run into my arms
I know I could never be at harm
Because my dog “Barney” will always be there to protect me

As he embraces me
I can feel all his love pour inside of me
Each time I look at him, my heart fills with joy
Ever since I got him way back when, I was a little boy
How much fun I have playing with him and his favorite toys

I can’t even remember all the treasured times we’ve shared since I was a little boy
All the times I have said, “I love you”
To my best friend in the world
My precious dog, “Barney”
Whom I love with all my heart

I adore and cherish him,
He brings a ton of happiness to my life
And for this, I give thanks
And I will forever be grateful.

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Come Spread the Word

Come Spread The Word

Oh little Shepherd
Oh so sweet,
Sitting on the grass ever so meek
Look at me neighbor
Look at me now
Come take a bow,
Bend over,
And cradle me

I need some loving
Yes, I do
I need some hugs and kisses too

There are lots a little doggies just like me
Who need some love and kisses too

Open your mouth and come spread the word
Let the world know that there dogs out there in need of a home
Just like me

You don’t have to buy them,
You can adopt too
There are places all round called shelters
Where they are waiting for you

Save a little dog just like me
It will make you happy and complete
A dog you can hug
A dog you can hold,
A dog you can love that will love you back
A dog you can you call your own

So don’t spare another moment,
Don’t waste another second,
I’m at the adoption shelter waiting for you.


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