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Accidents Will Happen



I didn’t mean,

To “go” right there,

On the Persian rug.


After I realized,

What I’d done,

I felt anything but smug.


It’s not like me,

To poop or pee,

In any old space,


I wish I knew,

How to help you,

Clean up the place.


If it helps,

I thought you sensed,

That I really had to go.


I paced,

I barked, I whined;

And tried to let you know.


Please say,

You’ll forgive me,

For making a mess.


‘Cause accidents,

Well … they happen,

Even when we try our best!

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Up to My Doggy Tricks

Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Chomp, chomp, chomp.
Lick, lick, lick.

You know me,
Always up to,
My doggy tricks!

Scratchin’ at,
The back door,
Scratchin’ at
The front door.

Chompin’ on,
Your shoelace,
Chompin’ on,
Your shoes.

Lickin’ every,
Inch of floor,
Lickin’ up,
Tasty crumbs.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.
Chomp, chomp, chomp.
Lick, lick, lick.

It’s just like me,
To keep playin’,
The same ol’ doggy tricks!

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Inside Dog, Outside Dog

When I’m clean,
Quiet and contained,
I’m in inside-dog mode.

When I dig or,
Stomp around in mud,
I’m in outside-dog mode.

An inside dog,
Has parameters,
Which inhibit her.

An outside dog,
Has no barometer,
To tame or limit her.

Any old dog,
Loves exploring,
At home or in the woods.

And responds,
To their surroundings,
Like any pooch surely would!

Inside or outside?
The choice is all yours,
Put me where you like.

Inside or outside,
I’m pretty content, but…
I sure love it when we hike!

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Sniff It Out

If there’s,
A crumb,
On the carpet,
I’ll sniff it out.

If there’s,
A mouse,
In your man cave,
I’ll sniff it out.

If there’s,
A morsel,
In the couch,
I’ll sniff it out.

If there’s,
A skunk,
‘Neath the porch,
I’ll sniff it out.

If there’s,
“Off” or amiss,
I’ll sniff it out.

If there’s,
One thing,
I’m sure of it’s:
Wherever it is, I’ll sniff it out!

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A Bit o’ Dog Trivia

A bit o’ dog trivia is,
Always worth knowing.
From why we wag tails,
To why our teeth are showing.

A little bit o’ knowledge,
Never hurt anyone.
And understanding your dog,
Can be loads o’canine fun!

Why do we circle and,
Smell each other’s behinds?
Why are we born,
Both deaf and blind?

If we’re related to wolves,
Why aren’t you afraid?
If we were in the wild,
Would we live in caves?

What’s the reason for the,
Differences in our fur?
And does it hurt when,
Our ears flap around and whir?

A few lonely questions,
For you to consider.
A few simple reasons,
To know your dog trivia!

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With A Wag of My Furry Tail

With a wag of my furry tail…

I can make you smile, Make your eyes grow wide, Elicit the kind of grin,
You simply can’t hide.

With a wag of my furry tail…

It only takes a moment, To clearly let you know, That it’s definitely time, And I’ve really gotta go.

With a wag of my furry tail…

You’re quick to respond, To those visual cues, You jump right to it, When I confront you.

With a wag of my furry tail…

You know I’m excited, Or someone’s nearby, Be it friend or enemy, Of yours or mine.

With a wag of my furry tail…

I tell you a story,
I draw you a picture,
That makes perfect sense, To you – my trusty owner!

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My Side Of The Couch

Have I thanked you?
Have I made it known?
That leaving room on the couch, Makes me feel right at home?

I don’t think I’ve ever, Officially said,
That having half the couch, Is like sharing your bed.

It’s all soft and cushy, It’s comfy and warm, It’s infinitely better, Than lying on the floor.

It’s also a great place, To hunker down tight, To make me a space, For the eve or the night.

But, maybe the reason, I like it the most,
Is that it gives me cause, To brag and to boast.

I get to tell all my, Canine friends,
‘Bout the quality time, You and I freely spend.

So, thanks again, Really – thanks a lot, For always being sure, To save me a spot!

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The Dog Next Door

Sometimes I think, The dog next door, Has a rash.

I mean, have you, Ever seen him, Scratch and scratch?

Someone should teach, The dog next door, How to catch.

He’s gotta few toys, I know I’d,
Like to snatch.

Someday I wanna give, The dog next door,
An idea to hatch.

I bet if I howled, He’d run and hide, In a flash.

Someone said,
The dog next door, Didn’t break that latch.

Well, I saw him do it, But I won’t tell ’cause, We’re tight like that!

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A Dogs Love Is a Never Ending Game

As I stand beneath the open sky

As the heat from the sun pours deep into my soul

I quickly stare at the snakeskin clouds that fill the deep blue skies above

 “Woof! Woof!”

My big blue eyes quickly gaze straight ahead

Into the big green fields that circle around us

Here comes my dog Choo

So Brave and fearless,

I know nothing can hurt me when Choo is around

He dashes toward me like a beam of light

My eyes begin to gleam,

As I begin to chuckle with delight

Two creatures Choo and I

Our bodies look nothing alike

 Yet our hearts are identical

With one main purpose

To love and cherish the friendship we have created

Our bond will never be broken

Our feelings for each other will never fade away

I look down at the green grass

And I bend over to grab the ball that lies beneath me

“Want to play catch, Choo?”

I bend my arm all the way back,

And threw the ball just like my big brother Zack

A big gust of wind blew through the air

And Choo’s blue ball soared through the big blue sky

Like a shooting star in the darkness of night

He dashed down the field like a beam of light

My heart filled with such delight

Games with our dogs are such fun to play

But each time we play only last for a short time each day

However, the love we have for our dogs is a never-ending game that will last a lifetime,

Locked tightly in the walls of our hearts forever

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Scratch, Scratch, Nibble

Scratch, scratch, nibble,
My hind leg twitches,
My front teeth gnash,
And you start to giggle.

Scratch, scratch, nibble,
That pesky itch,
Is bugging me,
Maybe if I wiggle?

Scratch, scratch, nibble,
Now it’s moved,
Behind my ear,
What if I jiggle?

Scratch, scratch, nibble,
It’s just no use,
I itch all over,
Watch me wriggle.

Scratch, scratch, nibble,
I call it quits,
I give up and,
Draw the line – at squiggle!

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