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I’ll Wake You Up

Don’t worry,
If you fall asleep,
With the TV on,
I’ll wake you up.

Don’t fret,
If you forget,
To set the alarm,
I’ll wake you up.

Don’t sweat,
If you doze off,
I’ll wake you up.

I’ll wake you up,
One way or another,
Even if takes a load of,
Kisses and slobber!

Just relax,
And lay back,
You can be sure,
I’ll wake you up.

Just chill,
When you’re tired,
And drift away,
I’ll wake you up.

Just trust,
I’ve got your back;
I’ll pick up the slack,
And wake you up.

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I Get Distracted

I get distracted,
From time to time,
I forget where I am,
I lose track of time.

I get discouraged,
When I do stuff stupid,
When I get frustrated,
Or don’t feel so strong.

I get hopeful,
When I do stuff right,
When I see you smile,
At the end of the night.

I get so happy,
When we’re together,
When we go outdoors,
In really nice weather.

I get protective,
When I see strangers,
Approach our house,
And I sense danger.

I get riled up,
When a new dog’s here,
Even if I know there’s,
Nothing to fear.

I may get distracted,
From time to time,
But I never forget,
That I’m yours…and you’re mine!

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Doggone Happy Dance

You see me run,
From room to room,
Back and forth,
I’m in a groove.

Can’t stop me now,
I’m on the run,
Zig zag wag,
I’m having fun!

It’s my,
Doggone Happy Dance,
– I’m runnin’ wild,
I’m in a trance.

It’s my,
Doggone Happy Dance,
– I’m on the loose,
Just watch me prance!

Eyeing me,
Will make you dizzy,
Don’t you know,
I’m in a tizzy?

Got a hold on me,
I’m all bound up,
Oh, can’t you see?

It’s my,
Doggone Happy Dance,
– I’m on the loose,
I’m in a trance.

It’s my,
Doggone Happy Dance,
– I’m on the loose,
I love to prance!

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Canine 9 to 5

Wake up,
Wake you up,
Take you far away.

Come home,
Get a drink and,
Lay down in the sun.

Decide to eat,
Slurp some water,
Sit by the window and bay.

Lay back down,
This time on the rug,
And nap ‘til it’s half past one.

Hear the mailman,
Coming up the walk,
But refrain from barking today.

Sniff around,
For remnants of dinner,
And actually find some crumbs.

Wander around,
Wonder where you are,
And anticipate what you’ll say.

Get wind of you,
Driving up the street,
Not sure where you’re coming from.

Prepare to pounce,
As you park in the driveway,
I can’t believe it’s been a whole day!

Complete my canine,
9 to 5 by knocking you,
Flat on your bum!

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I Didn’t Mean To Do It

‘Member when you,
Brought those friends ‘round,
And I scared the bejeebuz,
Out of ‘em?

I didn’t mean to do it.

‘Member when I,
Pulled you so hard you,
Fell flat on your,
Doggone face?

I didn’t mean to do that, either.

‘Member when you,
Were grillin’ that steak,
And I grabbed it when,
You weren’t lookin’?

OK, yeah, I kinda meant to do that.

‘Member that time,
You and your “other half”,
Were snuggling on the couch,
And I got between you?

Well, I really did mean to do just that…and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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Chase My Tail

Will you watch me,
Chase my tail,
Round and round,

‘Til I fail…

To catch it cleanly,
Like a squirrel,
Like a mouse,
Like a quail…

To hold on tightly,
Like a tug toy,
Like a KONG,
Like a rope…

To make it stop,
Like a microwave,
Like a movie,
Like a top.

To catch up to it,
Like a skateboard,
Like a bicycle,
Like a car.

Will you watch me,
Chase my tail,
Round and round,

‘Til even I can’t stand it anymore?

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Waggy Tails

Who’s that,
Coming up the trail?
I hope they grin and greet us!

Who’s that,
Checking out my tail?
I guess they’re happy to meet us!

Waggy tails,
To and fro.
Waggy tails,
You’re good to go!

I love makin’,
New canine pals.
With them? The fun never ends!

I love hearin’,
Other dogs howl.
“Howdy partner” is the message it sends!

Waggy tails,
To and fro.
Waggy tails,
Just look at us go!

Look at us,
Makin’ friends,
Front, back, left and right!

Look at us,
Man! I could stay here,
Morning, noon and night!

Waggy tails,
To and fro.
Waggy tails,
Awww – do we really have to go?

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Life In The Day of A Puppy

The people left. Where did they go?
Well, what should I do I’ld like to know.
Oh look! The shoes! They’ve left them out.
They are meant for me, I have no doubt.
I’ll just chew and chew and chew and chew
Oh no! My tummy is feeling eww.
I’ll use this other shoe to hide my puke.
That’s much better. I hope that was a fluke.
What to do now? Oh wow, it’s the cat!
I’ll sit and bark at her to tell her who’s boss.
Look at her run! Now she’s zig zagging across
The floor and down the hall. It’s time for chase!
I’ll catch up and put her in her place.
Where did she go? Is she under the bed?
There she is! I can see her head.
Oww! She clawed my nose, that little cat.
I didn’t know she would do that.
I’ll slink off to the living room to hide.
The shoe! I’ll bound over with my mouth open wide.
Hey look the couch! The people sit on it.
I’ll take my shoe and and right there I will sit.
Yawn. I’m so tired, it’s time for a nap.
Just for a second.. zzzzzzzz
The door! They are home, I’ll stand up and bark.
I hear the car slowing and being put into park.
They are inside taking a good look around.
They sound different as my barf they have found.
The cat. The couch. And I’ve barked all along!
What are those looks? What did I do wrong?

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Chewie was old, he’d seen more than a decade,
But that old boy loved to learn new tricks.
His momma moved him across a whole nation,
From Atlanta to Seattle’s Sound, such different ethnics.

But Chewie loved where he was, whatever that be,
He didn’t complain, he just loved the new scenery,
Sniffing and smelling the new salty air,
New sights, new sounds, new dog parks to dirty his belly.

Loved it he did, the walks on the beach
The market where men gave him food,
It was life as he always knew it should be,
And one day confirmed! These people understood.

For down at the market a man gave him a fish head.
His momma laughed as Chewie took it with reverence.
Then they strolled home since he refused to eat it.
She laughed all the way, and he awaited a brief little severance.

When they got home, he let her know he wanted out back.
She laughed and said, “Go to it my boy.”
With that she opened the little gate,
Chewie trotted on through then looked at her coy.

She stared and he waited …
Finally she got the hint.
He wanted a moment all to himself,
So she headed inside to collect her new mint.

From the window she watched him.
He looked all around,
He sniffed the garden, the flowers, the trees.
Then finally he settled on one spot on the ground.

His digging was slow, deliberate, with care.
From the window, momma filmed him as he sought to bury
A fish head. He had never done this before,
But now he was thorough, there was no need to hurry.

When he started moving about in the yard,
Momma popped out and invited him in.
She patted his head, “So you learned a new trick.”
He wagged his fuzzy tail and gave her a grin.

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Rousing the Troops

A dog always knows when it’s time for a walk.
In sun or in rain, there’s never a bad time.
And when it’s time to go out, he may have to bark.
Whatever it takes to get out in thedaytime.

The other dogs get up and get ready to go.
They stand by their leashes and stare at the door.
All that is left is to gather the people to go.
Sniff and wander across this cold floor.

The people are scattered about the house.
Time to collect them to get them out of this place.
I place my leash at the feet of alpha’s spouse
Seeing the look of knowing on her face.

She is the one who can get it all done.
I follow her around as she tells alpha to prepare.
Next she tells the kids it’s time for our fun.
We all know the walk’s when we time share.

Finally collected, each dog takes a two leg.
Leashes are on, the pack is all here,
Now we head out, no more do I beg.
It’s always so nice when everyone’s near.

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