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A Dog’s Appreciation

Some people say that dogs do not feel emotions like us

That they are too different, simple, or lacking to give thanks

That all dog minds work the same, basically they are all blanks

That dogs having emotions is not something to discuss.


While it’s true that dogs think differently than we humans do

Who can actually say that their emotions are not the same

They are more open and obvious, love an easy game

They don’t cloud their intentions the same way I would or you.


Maybe dogs do not feel the way that a person does, it’s true,

In the same way no one feels emotions just like you do.

It is the way they behave that should be your biggest clue

And you can be certain this behavior will continue.


Take time to watch all the little ways that your dog reacts.

If that’s not gratitude, perhaps people should learn

To feel as dogs do, to have the same emotions to burn.

If we were like them, gratitude would be less abstract.

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A Close Eye

Some dogs have a rather entertaining way of saying thanks

They like to stay close by, move at your pace.


Whether you take them out or are staying at home

These types of dogs are constant, like a perfect metronome.


A reliable companion, they travel into every room where you go

Every as they get older and their movements become slow.


It’s is their way of letting you know that they care

That they want you to always be there.


Perhaps this seems a bit odd or annoying at times,

Or it could even seem like one of their worst crimes.


However, you must keep in mind no matter how annoying

It is their love they are showing even if it seems with your patience they are toying.


The next time your pup decides to tail you around

Take a few minutes to love him and remember it’s a great friend you have found.


After all, not many people will give you this kind of dedication

And their eyes give you the best explanation.


For others it’s nice to have someone who wants to be near

Even when your angry your dog doesn’t want to steer clear.


You can go about your business feeling safe and in content

Because your dog is right there all trouble to circumvent.


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The Tongue of Thanks

If there is one ritual that many of us could do without

It’s the lick of approval our dogs throw about

Without any thought to our personal preference

Of a face that is clearly marked by saliva absence.

But before we get angry, annoyed, or upset

Because our dog has once again left our face all wet,

Think about exactly what that lick means

And you’ll realize it is nothing remotely obscene.

Dogs lick their alphas to show they submit

And to say on the pack they will never quit.

It says they will follow us to the end of the world

At the sound of our voice they will cease to be curled

In their tight little balls, so comfy in their beds.

For our calls are the driving voice in their heads.

To answer, to love, to follow, to defend

These are all said by that lick in the end.

But most of all it is a sign of appreciation

So you know they respond with dedication.


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A Place at Your Feet

Dogs are pack animals and what they understand

Is the importance of the personal touch

It’s something that humans don’t do as much.


They see the world in a different way.

The alpha dog gets shown respect and affection

Since that is you, they don’t want to escape your detection.


However, it is also their way of showing their thanks

By making sure they are always at your feet

Of all the places in your home, that is their favorite seat.


For as much as they like to romp and to roam

A dog knows the best place is always at home

Curled at your feet while to watch or read a tome.


So you know they are grateful for what you do

They stay close by to better love on and dote on you.

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Checking Up

Something funny most dogs do is making sure their owners are alright.

This can stem from several things, but always it’s a sign of thanks and love.

When out for a walk when off the leash

After bounding forward, suddenly they’ll cease

And turn to see if you are close behind

Making sure you’re never too far from sight.


Have you spent hours in another room?

Has it been too long since the last time you were seen?

Dogs will come to check on you

It’s just something they must do.

They like to know that you are safe and well

Before they return themselves to groom.


If you’ve been out working in your yard

Leaving your pup inside to rest,

When you finally return to rest inside

Your dog will make sure you cannot hide.

With concern and great intent

They want to keep you close at hand.


When you’ve been on the couch feeling glum

Your dog comes up to find out what’s wrong.

With those eyes staring right at you

It tough to keep feeling sorry for yourself.

Here’s a creature that cares enough to let you know

No matter what you’ve done, to the dog you’re still number one.

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Stick, Ball, or Bone

It is at the height of their joy a dog’s thanks is most clear.

As they tear back in your direction, ball or stick in mouth

The joy glistening like mad, radiating from their eyes

You know there’s nothing that can disguise

Their pure pleasure and thanks for you, their alpha most dear.


It all starts with one of the smallest of gestures

Taking them out to a place where they can play free

Hiding deep within your pockets their greatest joy

Then once you reach your final destination, you pull out a toy

And see the light of gratitude in their eyes, a look of glee.


For we humans we cannot understand how this repetition

Perpetually instigates such unabashed jubilation.


But to dog, oh the pleasure, such unbridled merriment

Throw them a stick, ball, or bone

And the bounds of their happiness is unknown

In this simple action the seed of thanks you have sown

Winning praise and continued acknowledgement.


Over and over they return to your side

Dropping a slimy toy at your feet

Wiggling and waggling as they wait for you to act

So they can resume the chase at maximum stride.

In their delight we find our own happiness that we can’t hide.


When it is over and our dogs are so tired but still they give praise

It’s for this feeling we will soon again find the stick, ball, or bone we will again raise.

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Wag of Approval

There is one unmistakable way a dog can say thanks,

With that waggling tail that has a mind of its own

The very same one that knocks things over making you moan.


You have to be careful of this kind of praise

Because it can cause chaos with just a simple swish

Taking out papers, drink, anything is game when a tail is raised.


Dogs know nothing about what’s on the coffee table

They just know they are happy with you and you should be aware.

So at first they come up to you and they stare.


One little word is all that it takes

And that tails in motion because they are so pleased

Even if what you vocalized was only a sneeze.


Any attention is a reason to wag.

It’s one of the joys of having a dog

Someone still wants to socialize after a terrible day’s slog.


The tail wag is a universal way dogs express gratitude.

From the promise of a walk to you coming home to the sound of your voice

It’s the canine’s thanks and approval sign of choice.

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Lean In

There is one behavior common both to dogs and to cats,

That need for connection, though with dogs it is more of a gesture of thanks.

You start rubbing them and they decide to lean in

The bigger ones almost knocking you from your feet,

For them it is best to pet after you take a seat.


It’s almost as if the dog wants to pet you back

But because they are standing they can’t use their paws

So they do the next best thing they think of

They lean into your leg with the full weight of their being

Enough to make you laugh at what you are seeing.


Of course it’s the same if you are sitting down.

They walk right up to you and give you the stare.

If you give into it, they must feel obliged to love back

So you pat their back and their press against your legs

Appearing like a drunkard who drank the last dregs.


It’s funny to watch them once this displays over.

They stagger a bit, drunk on your love and affection

Or they flop right on over giving you their belly to rub

Is there a better way to say thank you

Thank to ask you to keep doing what you do?


The lean and the flop are how you know your dog is quite happy,

One look at that face, eyes glazed and sappy.

It’s the kind of thanks that you know is genuine,

The kind that makes you feel it was worth it

And in the end both you and the dog have a special type of profit.

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You Came Back!

It’s an expression that all dog owners know well

A look that says everything that they feel

Whether we’ve been to work or gone on vacation

Dogs give thanks we came back, it’s easy to tell.


The glint in the eyes, the wag of their tails

Some of them dance, and others sit still

No matter their action, they want us to know

They’re glad we came home without fail.


It doesn’t take much to get this loving reaction.

Step out to the mail and come back inside

And your dog is right there with nothing to hide,

With so much thanks they are a welcome distraction.


When they are young they are sure to put on a show

Bouncing around and yapping approval.

As they get older their thanks is more refined

By now they’re aware of what you should know.


Even if you come home and catch them fast asleep,

Dogs will welcome you home with a quick wagging beat.

Maybe a yawn and a stretch to let you know they’re awake.

Now that you know, it’s time to roll over and go back to sleep.

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Giving After Dinner Thanks

What is it about meals that makes dogs go wild?

We can understand how they act as their food is prepared

But it is the after food performance that can catch you unawares.

What do I mean? Of what do I speak?

It’s a strange little thing that most of them do.

Observer the next time, it might surprise you.

I suppose that even dogs need to use some sort of napkin

Because of the drool they leave behind on the floor

It must bother them more than we ever knew

That is the only thing I can think to explain what they do.

Next time your dog eats, watch until she is through

Then watch as her face she seems to try to undo.

For some dogs they rub their faces into the floor

Posterior up and their backs angled down

Front legs wrapped under them like a very warped snake

As they twist and groan and odd little noises they make.

Their heads flop to the side, this way and that

More entertaining than the strange behavior of a cat.

Others prefer to give their own person the credit

Walking right up and putting their faces in your lap

Then they grind away making you squeal

You try to back away because you are beginning to feel

That you are the napkin they wish to use to clean up.

Know this is how they give thanks, so give them a pat, the poor pups.

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