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Dance of Thanks and Praise

The most unmistakable hymn of thanks

That you will see any dog make

Is the one of love and pure joy

A dance that comes straight from the heart

Letting you know your dog never wishes to part.


Each dog has their own special dance steps

Whether weaving in between your legs

Spinning around, leaving you feeling somewhat dazed,

Or what appears to be a march in place

All of these come with thanks stamped on their face.


“The dance shows not only the level of joy
But also what they are giving thanks for

Some dogs make slight modifications

To their dance depending on each situation.

The dance shows not only the level of joy

But also what they are giving thanks for,

No matter what it is never a bore.


Watching your dog go into their thanksgiving dance

Seeing them twirl, twist, and prance

If fills the heart and tugs at the corners of your mouth

Causing a grin even on the worst of days.

There’s nothing like a dog’s thankful ways.

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Saying Thanks Without Words

Saying Thanks Without Words

One thing that is certain of our sweet canine pals

Is that they are thankful for the things that they have.

Though they do not have words to express how they feel

Their thanks is sincere, their gratitude sincere.


You can see it in the small things that they do

From greeting you daily after you’ve been gone all day

To the way they give thanks when you give them a meal.

For some this behavior is a really big deal.


There’s no animal who appreciates quite like a dog

Because dogs have adapted so many of our ways.

But they do it more openly and honestly every day

So there is never a reason for them one word to say.


Watch for the signs and you’ll see them in spades.

A look in the eyes when you’ve just given love,

A way that they nuzzle that is only for you,

So many ways of love and thanks they can do.


The next time you are feeling under appreciated

Take some time with your dog, walking or feeding,

Playing or sleeping, you will find the dog grateful

They won’t respond with indifference or by being hateful.


They don’t need a big show from you

Just the basics and loving to get through every day.

It’s hard not to feel a close connection with them,

Dogs let you know how they feel every day on a whim.

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