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As Dog & Owner, We Get Along Famously!

The Long Ranger,
Had his Tonto.
And Mr. Ed?
His human.

Jeannie had,
Her bottle.
And Skipper?
His Gilligan.

Trigger had,
Roy Rogers.
And Abbott?

The Marx,
Brothers had,
Each other,
– and Zeppo!

Manny and Moe,
Have Jack.
And Oscar?
Felix Unger.

And you have,
Me – aren’t we lucky,
We get along,

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The Next Rin Tin Tin

I wanna be,
The next,
Rin Tin Tin.

I wanna hang,
By my chinny,
Chin, chin.

And somehow,

With barely,
A bruise or,
A scrape.

Getting thousands,
Of letters per,

Eating hundreds,
Of barrels of,

A canine star of,

A furry reminder,
– Etched in pop,

If I became,
The next,
Rin Tin Tin.

I’d let you take,
My Oscar out,
For a spin!

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Will Wonders Never Cease (Jim The Wonder Dog)

Today we are skeptical over self-designed titles

But one dog’s intelligence has lives long after his death.

Jim the Wonderdog certainly made people lose their breath.


Considered undesirable compared to the others in his litter,

Jim went for much less than the other pure bred pups at home.

Ultimately he is the only one who now in history is known.


Even his master thought Jim a lazy dog

Sitting idly in the shade while the other dogs trained

But when they went out hunting it was Jim who wouldn’t be contained.


Once he and his master were put hunting

And the man declared it was time for a break

And to the designated tree he made like a snake


Unsure if this was merely a coincidence

The master called out many types of trees around

And each it was at the right tree Jim could be found.


It soon become clear that Jim understood words

He even understood other languages and oddly could make accurate predictions.

He correctly predicted the World Series and Kentucky Derby without qualifications.


Here are some links to find out more about The Wonder Dog Jim!!

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Finding a Better Way

Before the 1930s all disabled persons were totally dependent

On family, friends, and whomever they could hire

As 19 year old Frank learned this was a position most dire.

He had hied a boy who left without warning

Blind Frank was unaware he’d been left alone

This even happened when he was far from home.


Clearly people did not have the right stuff

To perpetually tend to another human’s perpetual needs

And then Frank heard of Dorothy, a woman working miraculous deeds.

She trained dogs to help soldiers in World War I

Who were blinded by mustard gas and in constant need of help of their own.

Then Frank knew that he too need never be scared,  left all alone.


His father wrote to Dorothy about his son

And Dorothy invited Frank to visit in Switzerland in return

It was the begging of a new phase, a new idea would now churn.

Dorothy selected two dogs to determine the most compatible.

Ultimately it was Kiss who proved the bear fit,

Frank renamed her Buddy, and for the rest of her life by his side she would sit.


He showed the people in the US that a dog could accomplish what most people could not

She guided him from the ship across the busiest street

And with the press watching it made the success that much more of a treat

Frank promptly relayed the news back to Dorothy in a word “Success”

Over the next decade over 250 dogs would help those who were blind.

And in 1938, Buddy was the first dog to ride in a airline cabin.

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An Unlikely Champion (A Husky that became famous by saving Cats)

The rivalry between cats and dogs is more an expectation than fact

We let them in our homes and expect that they will compete

But it’s not true of most, having a home makes them complete.


Ginny is a marvelous example of a dog who lived cats.

Before she had a home where she was loved and applauded

Ginny lived in a place of abuse, and people most deplorable.


She and her pups lived locked in a closet

Until one day they were rescued and taken to a shelter.

It was here Ginny would find a loving home instead of living helter skelter.


Her owner was disabled after an accident.

When he saw Ginny he knew what live meant

After signing the papers her new home is where Ginny went.


It wasn’t too long before Ginny was returning the deed.

But cats and kittens were the creatures she saw most in need.

An odd little habit that gained her attention indeed.


First Ginny saved kittens trapped in a pipe

Something her person thought no more than a fluke.

His opinion changes quickly, the initial assessment he would forever rebuke.


For in the remaining years of her life

Ginny saves more than 900 of her feline friends

And that is how a real happy story ends.


You Can Find Out More About Ginny By Going Here:

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When Death Isn’t the End (Hachiko Loyal Akita in the 1920s)

Hachikō was a lovely golden brown Akita living in Tokyo.

The breed was rare, with only a few left at the time

But it was because of this dog’s love that the breed gained fame

A simple act from a simple design

And forever the dog’s breed would be known for the same.


Every day Hachikō greeted his master at the train station

For roughly a year it was their constant routine

Until one day when the professor did not come home

He had died while at school, an event entirely unforeseen.

Still the dog came to the station every day like a canine metronome.


At first people waiting were somewhat annoyed

This dog came every day for no apparent reason

Hanging around until the last train had run

At five o’clock Hachikō was there, regardless of season

Until one day someone realized it was on hope the dog had come.


Hachikō waited every day for his master, waiting for the day

When they would again be united for their walk.

Although it was a routine of little more than a year

People realized it was what the dog knew, and they started to talk.

Eventually the story reached one of the professor’s students’ ears.


He was an expert on Akita and the tale captured his attention,

And so he followed the dog home with eager anticipation.

There he learned why it was the dog waited and what the dog sought.

For nine years the dog never failed to show at his destination,

And his loyalty earned his breed a reputation and he was their mascot.

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Belonging to No One, Loving All of the Lost (Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Dog)

One of the most renowned authors of all time

Is one Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a man who wrote

Both from imagination and from experience.

It is from one source that his heart was truly smote.


For the man was imprisoned for some of his life,

Bound to a system that was full of pain and reluctance

To forgive or forget any crimes that had happened.

One creature stood apart from the system’s harsh sentence.


This dog made it into one of his stories,

And it is tough to untangle how much of it was truth

How much was fancy, but it is easy to imagine

Even Dostoyevsky must have found solace from a similar dog of youth.


On his way back to the barracks full of pain and despair

Dostoyevsky would encounter Sharik full of life and bounce.

And in no time at all the author’s spirits were lifted

Watching the dog prance and pounce.


Sharik lived in the prison, had no single master.

He was their mascot, the glimmer of hope.

Enormous he was, with black fur with white spots,

His excitement unleashed, his love an open envelop.


Though the convicts would ignore him and leave him alone

On his first day Dostoyevsky showed the dog affection.

He petted the dog and gave him some bread.

In return the dog sat quietly by wagging his tail and full of dedication.


The next day when the weight of the sentence brought the man down,

Thinking dreary thoughts of how the days would all be the same

Sharik yelped and ran to his side, wiggling and jiggling a gleam in his eyes,

It was then that Dostoyevsky could finally make his despair tame.

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Two Dogs, One Destination (Famous Sled Dogs Who Saved Children

Two dogs’ names stand out, synonymous with determination

Balto and Togo were made of the strongest stuff

Sled dogs in Alaska, both were unbelievably tough.

Of their courage and perseverance we can’t say enough.

Their courage and story inspired a nation.


When the small, secluded town of Nome began suffering an epidemic,

Medicine was sent from Seattle to help stem the tide

Of children who suffered and would likely have died

If not for the dogs who would not run and hide

For the trip to deliver could have been called suicide.


Because of the winter and terrible weather

Getting the drugs to the needy was a difficult feat

The only plane that could make it had an engine that would not heat.

So desperate were the people, the runners would not allow defeat.

Instead of a plane, it was on sleds the medicine took a seat.


Togo took the most challenging leg

His master driving the team through the most horrific terrain,

Pushing and moving Togo’s team would not restrain

Themselves from doing their best, not seeking fame,

Until they reached the next team in the line.


Balto and his team took over from there,

Running through some of the worst whiteout conditions

Unmindful of their perilous position,

Their single-minded goal was their final destination.

They were to meet the next team and then they should stop.


When they reached the next team, they were all asleep.

So Balto and team kept right on going

The town of Nome was something worth knowing

Meaning they learned it in case, they had no need for slowing.

Because of these dogs’ courage, the kids turned out just fine.

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When the Mailman Is the Dog (A Famous Mail Carrying Dog!)

Everyone’s heard of the strong rivalry

That exists between the dogs and the mail

But did you know it hasn’t always been true?

Even more did you know a dog worked as well?

It’s really quite true, this unusual tail,

A dog and his job obliterate the taboo.


Dorsey was very likely a mutt

Because dogs were desired for work more than breed.

There are pictures of this lovely dog from the press

Looking like a lovely mix, so proud of his job.

In the 19th century they wanted most to succeed.

There was never an if, and, or but.


It started when Dorsey decided to rest

On the Post Master’s doorstep one day.

Too tired to move or to run away,

The Post Master soon adopted the dog

With no hesitation, without a delay.

It wasn’t long before Dorsey got his first test.


The Post Master had a mine at quite a distance

This stray that wondered up to his door

Was capable of a quite a good bit of good

With interesting insight, the Post Master attached a letter.

Dorsey wagged his tail took off like a commodore.

Later Dorsey returned in all of his postal vigilance.

And so was born the first canine postal occupation.

Dorsey delivered mail from Calico to Bismark

With such punctual gusto it was quite a show

And years later more people would know

Of this amazing dog and his postal bark,

Songs were sung of his dedication on this regular marathon.

Here is a version of the song by Kenny Rogers!

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Seadogs from Here to Eternity (Commodore John Anderson’s Dog)

Chota Peg was not your average spaniel, not by a long shot

This dog was a traveler of more than epic proportions

He was the pet and sidekick of one Commodore John Anderson

And the tales that they had needed no distortions.

They were both on the crew of what once happened to be

The world’s fastest ocean liner, a ship called the United States.

One story of them is recounted with pleasure in the news,

Of watching them arrive with splendor we can’t duplicate.


Anderson saw Chota Peg when just six months old in a New York pet store,

Falling in love he took the pup home and decided to take him abroad,

They spent the next thirteen years on ships, the decks they did trod.

For thirteen long years the sea and each other were what they adored.


Their first trip together was on the Italia, the start of a unique friendship,

It was the beginning of a relentless obsession

Traveling the globe, it was their most prized possession.

They always came back with new tales to tell, adventures happened on every trip.


Thirteen long years and that small little pup grew up

And then he grew old, Chota Peg was never alone

And he got a different experience with getting windblown.

Together they sailed over million miles, and a long last bond they did develop.

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