Christmas Day – 1 pm

The kids are quite happy to be playing off where they will

And the parents appear happy to simply lie still.

But the smell from the kitchen has become quite intense

Driving you crazy with you super strong sense.

Surely they must be as excited about the smell as you

However, they can contain it by focusing on what they now do.


In awe of such ability you go up to the man

And with your head right in his lap you now stand.

With a laugh he reaches over and scratches your ears

And in the direction of the kitchen you see that he peers.

With some words you don’t know, he addresses his mate

Then he stands up and you think that he is about to seal your fate.


Instead of moving to the kitchen which  you thought was his goal

He calls to his pups and soon the pack is now whole.

They do not converge in the kitchen of dreams

But start to their cleaning with great intent it would seem.

What could it mean that they are now straightening the room,

Throwing out papers, cleaning dishes, and bringing out the broom?


You cannot make any sense out of this

It goes so against your every wish.

Still they seem quite happy as they do their best

To remove your hard work, perhaps it’s a test.

You bounce into the paper just like you did when they were gone.

Seeking attention, even though you know it is wrong.


The man gets your toy and starts to play just with you

It’s times like this when you wished to see through

But you are too intent on the fun to be had

Forgetting the paper you are no longer sad.

After a few minutes the man stops and returns to help the rest.

You decide to go nap instead of being a pest.

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