Christmas Day – 10 pm

The pups have been asleep for quite a long time

As the day ends you cannot see any reason or rhyme.

There were very high highs that blew your mind

And lows that were low, the kind you’re glad are behind.

It was totally crazy how the people acted

As if al strife was entirely retracted.


You joined the adults out as they watched something on tv

An unobtrusive movie that they seemed pleased to see

It wasn’t anything you understood

But that didn’t stop you from feeling so good.

The two sat close on the couch, her head resting on his shoulder

Still smiling from a little something he told her.


There were only two lights on in the room,

Lights you knew would be put out pretty soon.

One was the tv the other came from the tree,

Both types were hypnotic, so pleasant to see

You lay there contended with the world.

Tomorrow this will be different as the day unfurls.


For now you just want to enjoy the calm moment at the end of the day

Because everything is perfect, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Soon the movie is over and the adults stand up.

She goes to the back to check on the pups,

He calls you and heads to the back door

And you stand and stretch, perhaps there’s one thing you do want some more.


He lets you outside for a quick two minute romp,

Your breath you see and his as he starts to stomp.

Finally you go in and he makes a short stop on the way through

In the kitchen he opens a door and give a quick wink to you.

He puts a piece of turkey into his mouth, then throws one your way.

Now that is the perfect ending to the very best day.

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