Christmas Day – 2 pm

The house is now clean, and you think it smells great

Until a knock at the door introduces a new fate.

With a  bark and some romping you head to the door

And in this wild act all your energy you pour.

As you reach it you hear the sound of some voices

And now you are left with some very firm choices.


A familiar sound you hear as you bark

A little yapping like a very small lark.

Knowing now who is on the other side

Your emotions explored nor more can you hide

The excitement you feel as you impatiently pace

Anticipation etched like a pure joy on your face.


Finally the kids reach the door their arms wide

And now you are all on an emotional ride

Where all of the players are more than happy to see

Each other this day, to simply be

Together as they enter with gifts and with food

It’s the best day ever, as you must have known that it would.


Several dogs enter the house with their people, then once inside

You sniff each of them as you over flow with pride.

Two boxer, a sheltie, a lab, and two mutts join the fray

And the people toss you all out back so that you are free as you play.

Brimming with energy you all dance and run around the yard

This type of play is the best, you play hard.


For over an hour you all mess around

As if long lost siblings you have again found.

All of this time the people are mostly inside where it’s warm

Leaving you guys out to make a canine swarm.

At some point it seems all the energy is spent

Finally welcome indoors, to the back you’re all sent.

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