Christmas Day – 4 pm

After the smells from the kitchen have grown through the day

You and your canine friends can truly say

You hope that the people don’t forget you are there

Otherwise you’ll have to really put more emphasis behind your stare.

From the back you hear the sound of the table being set

And that king of clue, how much easier can it get?


Clearly the people were waiting for the right moment to eat

Alpha opens the door and everyone goes to take a seat

Around the table that smells too good to be believed

(And now you know the dogs are invited, so you are relieved)

Several adults have a bowl , one for each dog, which you love

And slowly they put the bowls to the floor from above.


The smell that drifts out makes you start to drool

And you dive in without thought, rushing in like a fool.

You notice little else during this time of a feeding frenzy

Feeling so lightheaded, so ecstatic, so giddy.

Your motions are trained to the contents of that bowl

As if it played today’s most important role.


Too soon, far too soon, the contents have been drained

And the floor around you is now with some juice stained.

Looking around you see you are not the first dog to be done

But still some each and they seem so lucky, radiating like the sun.

Soon they too finish, for it takes none of you long to eat up

But the people are just now sitting down to sup.


You wish so much to go sit and beg,

But the full stomach seems to be moving each leg.

Instead of watching the people now eat up their fill

The dogs all appear to follow a much stronger will.

To the living room you move and that’s where you flop

And soon you are all napping, that was the ultimate stop.

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