Christmas Day – 6 pm

The light of the sun has been gone for a while

As the people sit around groggily as they smile.

The food appears to have had the same effect on them

Although it appeared a bit slower to descend.

You awoke to the sound of them chatting about things

With the music playing songs with interesting rings.


The kids were content to sit and play with some cool toys

They were all together playing the same game, the girls and the boys.

It wasn’t something that you understood, not at all

But you were more than happy beside your girl to fall

Plopping your head in her unsuspecting lap

And she fell for it all, like a giving your head a nice pat.


As the kids sat on the floor working through a strange game

The adults started to scatter suggesting the rest of the day would not be the same.

From the pups came sounds that sounded more like a whine

Suggesting they had started to pine

But what it was you were not sure

So you didn’t not raise your tired self from the floor.


Then you girl gently pushed you out of her lap to the ground

And stood up to help all of the other kids sitting around.

One by one they got to their feet

(You wished they’d sit back down, she made such a comfortable seat)

And they started going toward the closet and you realized what came next

All of this motion was just less than subtle subtext.


The dogs were now leashed and you went up to them each to say bye

And it was easy to see the sad farewell in each canine eye.

Of course you would see all of them again, but not again today

With sniffs and some movement you waited for what the people would say.

Hugs were given and they waved to each other as the guests headed out

Saying Merry Christmas and goodbye with a joyous shout.

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