Christmas Day – 8 pm

The family back to its usual self

Dishes clean and put back on the shelf

The living room reorganized with tender care

Almost as if the others had never been there.

The kids were preparing for the end of the day

You knew the best thing to do was stay out of the way.


Showers were taken with a much calmer tone

One that was much different that what the day had known.

Once finished the kids set about brushing their teeth

As you watched from the floor, staring up from beneath.

They chatted and laughed their mouths full of bubbles

With less than the usual amount of pranking trouble.


For once everyone seemed happy to let things play out as they will

And you of course were content to lie down and be still,

A voyeur in the tradition of getting ready for bed

The usual movement was too much, so you rested instead.

Finally they finished the ritual of the night

And to different rooms they went where they were out of your sight.


They each had a book they would be allowed to read for a while

Time for a choice one you frequently made in this domicile.

Which room will you go to hang out for a bit

Then you quick head to the boy’s room where you sit.

Enjoying the quiet and peace that has finally settled in

A wonderful thing after the way the day did begin.


From the quiet of your current location

You hear movement from your final destination.

The adults are doing their nightly ritual now the kids are in bed

You rest feeling good with the normal sounds ringing in your head.

Pretty soon the time’s up and time to turn the lights out

You stand up and head to the living room, your daily route.

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