Christmas Day – Noon

Your feelings are torn and twisted from another hour of waiting

The feeling of happiness and joy long ago abating,

In it’s place you feel anxious and concerned

Funny how the day so quickly took this turn

But even your bed of paper has lost its appeal

With this visions of abandonment the only thing you now feel.


It feels like they have been gone forever and ever.

And with a glum expression you wonder how easy it was for them to severe

All of their love and caring for you to leave you so long alone.

With these thoughts you let out a puppyish groan

Because their abandonment is the only cruelty today

There is more, so much more that in your thoughts now play.


First they wake you with so much lovely excitement

(For the day you now take in with discerned judgment)

Then the calm had set in, just like a normal weekend,

Just before the cruelty as the pups alpha did send

Into their rooms and then out the door.

Oh, to think on this you wish to no more!


And now as if to say in such devilish merriment

Such smells there is no way for concealment

From your super nose that can knows all smells

And a delightful dinner is now of what it tells.

But dinner cannot be if they do not return!

For their presence you are forced forever to yearn!


Your ears perk up as you think perhaps your hearing has deceived

And then in an instant you are entirely relieved.

They’ve come home and the pups are again glad

Neither master appears to be upset or mad.

You spring form your paper with a most pleasant sound

And take off to welcome them in a single, delighted bound.

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