Christmas Morning – 10 am

Things start to change at 10 am

At first you think some magic is about to begin.

The kids are delighted and are running amok.

It’s odd but masters not upset she and beta simply duck

As one of the toys flies over their heads

Today anger and annoyance are replaced by patience instead.


From a new bed that someone got just for you

Your able to analyze every little thing they do.

The excitement from earlier has turned to joy

As the kids run around each with their own favorite toy.

Aloha and Bera sit at the table and drink

The expressions in their faces does not show what they think.


Then after a few minutes of this mild behavior

As you gnaw on a bone trying your best to enjoy this new flavor

Beta stands up and picks up the dishes

(Perhaps he’s about to give you your dearest of wishes).

He takes them to the sink and starts to clean

And alpha moves to the counter to something unseen.


She opens the magic portal that creates such good smells

But their next actions your excitement quells

They round up the children and send them to their rooms.

Now there’s a dark cloud in your thoughts foreshadowing gloom.

When they emerge their fur us changed

Behavior you have always found strange.


With somewhat door expressions the kids march to the door.

Wondering what this means you rise from your spot on the floor

Beta gives you a pay as he follows his pups to the car

Shutting the door behind him showing you aren’t going that far.

Alpha walks through and gives you a moments attention

Then she glides through without explanation.

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