Dinner Dance

Every day the Fable house becomes very alive
Just as the clock chimes out that it’s five.

The dogs that were sleeping are now wide awake,
They bounce off their pillows and give their bodies a shake.

It’s the start of their dance, one they do every day,
One that leaves the family laughing away.

One dog gives a bark, not loud, not yet,
But soon it picks up, and it gets loud, you can bet.

The kids come running to watch the show
And then they join in, all the steps they also know.

They dogs and the kids bounce around in their mirth,
The best time of day when the food comes down to Earth.

The people pull it right out of the oddest of places,
Still the dogs dance, huge grins on their faces.

It’s magic alright every day at just five,
To watch the house turn so very alive.

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