Emotional Sense

Dogs are the best when it comes to letting you know how they feel.
They don’t do passive aggressive or hide their emotions at all.
When it comes to dealing with dogs,
They leave no doubt because they way, sing, or bawl.

Whether they are happy, sad, or tired,
You need only watch a dog to see how he acts.
He’ll wag his tail so that there is no doubt
Being at home, no you he should be without.

She’ll greet you at the door so you know you are loved
And bat her eyes when she transgresses any one of your laws.
Whether food, toy, or leash gets her ready to play,
Or something is up and she needs to cuddle all day.

Dogs are loving and protective, but like people they have different emotions.
Watching a dog for a day can help you understand how they tick,
What they are thinking and what they enjoy.
With everything that happens you see how a new motion they deploy.

After a day of watching a dog, you feel a little saner.
No guessing or hoping you can figure out what they think.
You can talk to them and they seem to listen, even if they don’t understand.
They are there for you and its obvious by their emotions, uncensored and unplanned.

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