Engaged Curiosity

You often hear about the curiosity of cats
And the endless trouble such curiosity can bring.
But if you’ve been around a dog whose trying to sate curiosity
You know that it can be just as dangerous a thing.

A dog goes in nose first to figure something out.
It doesn’t matter what that thing is
Whether plant, rock, or animal, it’s nose to the ground.
It’s when you wish dogs had some kind of quiz.

Because her nose is moving toward something prickly and spinney
Or worse still, a skunk’s rear end.
You can scream and shout, but odds are she won’t stop.
Contingent plan, lots of time comforting you will have to spend.

Dogs can learn, and dogs can be really smart.
But when it comes to curiosity, they have a second mind
And getting them to stop is about as possible as dealing with a cat.
It’s one of the most interesting and frustrating things you will find.

You’ll know when your dog is feeling curious.
Her eyes will shine with excitement and inquisitiveness
Her body will straighten and her nose will point at the thing to inspect.
That’s when you will have to resign yourself to whatever comes next.

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