Full Attention

There is no person alive who can manage the same expression of rapt attention
That a dog can make with the slightest twist of the head.
It’s as if the pooch is working on his comprehension
And wants to make sure he’s got it right.
The look shifts a bit when his name you mention.

As his eyes stare at you, you can’t help but feel that he knows what you mean,
Even if his actions afterwards prove that he never had a clue.
His expression more intent and determined than a wolverine,
Your dog can give you the ear you need to whine, vent, or monologue,
Someone to listen when you have to cope with events that were unforeseen.

It really doesn’t matter that your dog doesn’t understand the things you say.
Most of the time all you want is for someone to hear you out
To listen to your words without advice telling you to make it through the day.
Dogs do this the best because they are really there to listen.
Their agenda is clear, and for the words you speak you won’t later pay.

Your dog won’t turn around and tell all of your friends about how you feel.
He isn’t going to mock or laugh at your problems,
And that is clear from the adoring look on his face as you go through your spiel.
You have his attention in full, without conditions.
No matter what you say or confess, he will still think you are the best human ideal.

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