Guilt and Forgiveness

When it comes to emotion, there is nothing that compares to guilt
And dogs seem to have remorse down to an art.
From the way they half close their eyes just to say sorry
To the way they bow their head that really puts them a part.
When a dog wants to apologize,
You can see it, though the level of guilt can be quite the surprise.

At times it may seem the guilt is far greater than the crime.
But when a dog feels the need to show remorse
They make it quite obvious that they want you to know
And until you forgive them, a dog will stay that course.
Bowing and scrapping at your feet as you reprimand
Your acceptance and love is all they demand.

It’s cute and adorable when a dog shows some guilt,
Which must be a talent they learned over time
Because it’s impossible to stay mad when they act so ashamed.
And seeing them happy again feels so sublime.
This could be a device that they use to help us calm down
But whatever it is, when you forgive them it’s impossible to maintain a frown.

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