Just a Little Bit

People say it’s hard to say no to a child
Because they have such a pitiful look when something they want
Focusing their attention on you instead of being wild
But after a while that you will learn to taunt.

But dogs aren’t the same because you know they won’t understand.
They only know that you aren’t giving them the love (called your food)
And they don’t care if it’s spicy, barbeque, or bland
They just want you to share because, whatever you’re eating, it must be good.

Their eyes get all round as you take that first bite.
When you move to the living room, they are right behind.
They become your shadow no matter how little the light.
Disappointing your dog is so rough you’ll find.

By denying them a little, they seem to crumble to bits
Like a broken heart they cave from inside.
You can watch them shrivel as to the floor their legs hit
When they are disappointed, they don’t go and hide.

They want you to know that you’ve crushed all their dreams
As they watch you take in that very last bite of your snack or meal.
Their eyes judge you for such a cruel, broken promise it seems
Until you stand up and pick up the leash, then it was all no big deal.

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