Not Feeling So Great

There are times when you are grateful that your dog is a great listener
And times when you are pleased that your pooch won’t talk back.
But when it is clear that your dog doesn’t feel well,
It’s one of the worst things because there’s so little you can do.
If only there were a way to cast a short-term talking spell.

They look so pathetic, and feel guilty that they can’t control themselves.
When they feel sick, they are thinking about you.
It’s enough to make you wish you could take on their illness
So they could be well and comfort you instead.
Watching a sick dog is the ultimate test.

You want to call in sick, and some of us have no trouble doing just that
Because your dog is like your child, you want to make sure things don’t get worse.
Though you can tell your pup’s not well, there’s no way to know what is wrong
So you have to make time for the vet if it lasts a few days.
Mostly you cuddle and love your dog so that through the illness your dog stays strong.

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