On Anxiety

There is no creature that expresses anxiety quite like a dog.
Each pooch has his own unique method of letting you know
That he’s feeling a bit out of sorts.
Some will decide that the entire couch they need to hog.
Others look for a place to hide and they get down low.
Still others act out as a last resort.

When a dog feels anxious, you know to be on watch.
That way when he goes looking for release
You can be there to intervene.
As he goes to chew, that plan you can botch.
When he approaches the trash you can make him cease
Or stop him when he slinks off to pee unseen.

In the end, it’s up to you to calm him down.
There’s a reason for his anxious behavior.
It’s worth the time to figure it out
And give him the cuddling required to pat his crown
Tell him it’s ok, there’s no need to stalk about.
You’ll know it’s ok when he looks at you like you’re his savior.

Dogs who are anxious are truly pitiful sights to see.
It’s worth the time to get them back to normal very quickly.

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