Pleasure Untamed

Dogs are willing and able to let you know when they are pleased.
There is no question about the fact that they are eager and happy,
Because their tails get to wagging and their tongues lull out.
They get that shimmer in their eye, and though it sounds sappy,
It’s nearly impossible not to feel a bit of pleasure from your heart squeezed.

When a dog is happy with what’s going on,
It’s contagious and makes you want to keep the happiness going.
From the time they show that they are more than content
You want to keep that look and that feeling moving and flowing,
Almost as if you were your own dog’s pawn.

Pick up a leash and your dog starts to pant
Happy that you are about to take the time for a walk
Pleased with the idea of getting to sniff and to wee.
You can express your thoughts about the day, just you talk
Your pup will give you looks and listen happily as you rant.

While you are eating if some food accidentally drops
It will make your dog’s day as your pup laps it up.
Such a small thing is really all that it takes
To create the best day for any kind of pup.
And that happiness continues even if the food dropping stops.

Taking your dog out to the park is the best.
You are certain to get a rise when you go where other dogs are.
The site of other dogs gets your dog dancing around.
Of course there are times when all you really need is a car.
Playing with dogs or riding will leave your dog that night happily at rest.

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