Worn out and Ready to Sleep

Most animals are smarter about being worn out than a human.
When they need to rest, there is no clock to consult, no work to interrupt,
They don’t wait for permission because they have more common sense.
Dogs constantly try to teach us this lesson almost from the day they are pupped.
When your dog needs sleep, she’ll start to yawn and slightly shut her eyes.
She looks for a comfortable spot and turns herself in circles for maximum comfort.
Then she flops down with a sigh of pleasure and contentment
Leaving to you watch and wonder.
Why don’t we do the exact same thing?
Why must we wait until we finish arbitrary work and chores?
When a dog is worn out, she’ll leave you with no doubt
And she’ll show you how it’s done, increasing her intelligence score.
When a dog is sleepy, you are going to have a hard time getting her to do anything else
Whether you want her to do tricks or go out for a quick break
She’ll give you a look that asks if you are insane.
You’ll feel the condescension, and it isn’t fake.
The only hope you have to get her to move is with the lure of some food.
That makes most dogs forget that they are tired.
It’s about the only way to help them realize they have a little energy left.
With food most dogs are terribly inspired.

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