Awesome August

Trigger was an old dog who loved his people,
But summer was a bit more than he could handle.
The kids so hyper, the parents so tense,
Of these things poor Trigger had too much sense.

When he was younger, Trigger was no August fan.
The changes from the bustle to stillness.
When he was younger he didn’t want to be alone
With nothing to hear but the rare ring of the phone.

But now that he’s old, Trigger has learned to love it,
The peace and quite is a nice respite.
The days were spent napping close to the door,
Resting on the cool tile of the floor.

While Trigger loved when his people were around,
He found that after a summer of hustle and bustle,
The return to normalcy was just as delightful,
No longer sad or so resentful.

He no longer thought of it as abandonment.
They had their routine and he had his.
The summer was great for excitement and fun,
But it was also great for quietly lying in the sun.

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