Deceptive December

Snoopy was never sure what to make of December.
It started so quiet and dull, like nothing to remember.
Somewhere in the month things began to unravel,
Turning to anticipation and noise too much for a gavel.
He loved it all, but resented not knowing what happened.
Didn’t people know how long it would take him to mend
From so much hustle and action.
They knew not even a fraction
Of the feelings he knew as the month jolted passed.
At least he knew that it was limited and would not last.
From daily quiet of boredom and rest
The house went to crowded worse than a spring nest.
Snoopy was happy through it all
But never was sure how any day would fall
In the plan of existence. Would it be boring or full?
Having the people all home at his heart strings would pull
Even though he missed his day long naps
It was better when he could put his head in their laps.
He had to admit he loved the attention, walks, and car rides,
The way he spent the end of the month at his peoples’ sides.
The month was confusing, but Snoopy was pleased all the same
It was exciting unlike the rest of the months that were tame.

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