Jubilant June

Sasha didn’t understand what was happening,
But the little people were always so happy,
So jubilant when June finally came.
The dog only knew that it was good for her too,
For there were more people home, more for her to do.

She would get more walks, more time outdoors.
Sasha would chase the kids on bikes,
And hide and seek in the forest till night.
She knew that she loved the feel of the air
As the days seemed to go on and on and on
Like a happy dream that would forever yawn.

The big people too were quite joyous in June,
They would stay up later talking together.
During these times Sasha got so much attention
It was the best time of year with all the people here.
It was like a huge sigh of relief,
And that it would end was beyond Sasha’s belief.

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