Jumpy July

Every July the family would pack everything up
And head out to camp, including the pup.

Bear had been in the family for almost two years,
But the third camping trip inspired some fears.

He was used to the house and air conditioning,
And he was used to cushions for his sleep positioning.

Now they wanted him to sleep on cold hard ground
With the scary sounds of wild animals all around.

Still Bear did have things he loved too,
Most of all the lake with so much to do.

They would row out to a dock in the middle of the lake
And they would yell as they jumped, the joy not at all fake.

They would splash around, swimming everywhere
Bear would play too, swimming here and there.

The family would jump in from cliff sides, quite a fall.
This is something Bear would not do, not at all.

He would watch on the side barking as they leapt.
Then he’d lie down and woofed as he slept.

It was only at night the fears came back to rest
Then he would curl up against someone’s warm chest.

In the too early hours, Bear would stretch as he’d yawn
Then he’d wake them all up at the first light of dawn.

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