Napping November

Except for a flurry of excitement toward the end,
November was always Droopy’s lazy time.
The routine held most of the month
Spent from several months of entertainment.
The people were tamer, more tired,
Which was always what inspired
Droopy’s favorite activity for the time of year.
It was all about napping.
He napped when they were out.
And bedtime was earlier for everyone,
Because the short days had come
And nestled over the house with care,
Brining drowsiness and idol actions
Not much for entertaining distractions.
There were a couple of days were people moved
They bustled and hurried about in the kitchen.
This was certainly something Droopy approved,
So long as there were no expectations for him,
And he was allowed in his naps to pursue
Happy and sleeping, that was all he should do.
Then, oh how they ate, and shared it with him.
Soon after everyone would retreat
To their bedrooms to sleep.
Some would collapse in a food stupor on the couch
Others would cuddle up to Droopy and nap by his side.
Oh it was lovely! The month of long napping.
The month was one to make him so happy.

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