Obnoxious October

Sydney was a skittish old dog
Who loved nothing more than to sleep like a log.
This is why October was so unpleasant,
Peaceful and quiet it wasn’t.
The people at home would be happy and noisy,
Running and laughing their cheeks so rosy.
True Sydney liked that October was cool
It made him feel comfortable curling near a toadstool.
But all this running and laughing was just the beginning
He knew that for obnoxious October was always winning.
The people were out changing the look of the house,
The kids, the neighbors, the man and his spouse.
It all culminated in horror at month’s end
When people would come knocking, they weren’t even friends!
Sometimes they weren’t even people at the door,
Which is when Sydney would run and cower on the bathroom floor.
He hated October, but now it was almost all done
Things would soon be normal, Sydney had won.

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