A Quite Walk in a Winter World

Nothing quite compares to a dog walk in the snow.

Once the day is all done and you’ve no chores left to do

No obligations or tasks to occupy your time

That is when this walk is perfect, as you should know

People stay in so you can go out and perhaps it’s only you

And your dog trekking through cold, no reason or rhyme.


The crunch of snow under your boots,

The way the snow absorbs each of your steps,

It’s relaxing although more work than a usual walk.

The world blanketed in snow, the trees with white fruits.

Occasionally you can only move with short little leaps

Over snow banks, snow flying like powdered chalk.


Silently strolling by your side is your best friend.

Tail up and wagging, tongue lolling and lapping at flakes

The carefree bounce as you progress along the street.

Time slows and you wish it would never end.

It is a time for peace and reflection, a bit of privacy for your sake,

And it is rare that other passersby you’ll meet.


Together you and your dog walk an old familiar path

Made new and intriguing by the winter season

The only time the world takes on such an unusual appearance.

A world devoid of pain, fear, and wrath,

It is beauty and stillness a world of strange reason.

In this moment you experience a unique kind of balance.

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