Dogs in the Snow

Watching the face of dog meeting dog in a snow covered place

Is a different type of entertainment.

Already excited at the cold of the snow

The dogs’ minds go to overdrive as they come face to face.


There is of course the typical enjoyment of staking their claim

Only to be followed by the claims of the next

And of course the sniffing and lifting of ears

As their interest in the other each dog now proclaims.


If they are allowed to romp free you have a whole new sight.

Snow flying left and right

As the dogs bow and take flight

Racing around in an intricate pattern of joy and delight.


Of course it is easy to follow their tracks

Even if they take off out of your view

Because the snow marks their trail to the end,

Eventually finding them reclining on their stomachs.


That is the thing about snow.

The more you play, the faster your energy goes.

It is a lesson dogs don’t get, but then that is grand

Because if they get hyper, outside is the place to go.

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