For Love of the Winter

There are dogs who think that snow is the best.

They love it so much, even when it comes up to the chest.

There is nothing like snow to make them act like pups

And keep control, well with snow you should simply give up.

Cause that is when a certain dog really shines,

Reaching a point where there are no more lines.

It’s snow! You must understand it is there for their joy

In this world it is the most joyous toy.

After running around have crazed with the thought

These dogs can finally be caught,

But you should stand back and see just what they’ll do

Watch as the snow gives them energy anew.

After a minute they might start to roll

Like a thief celebrating the latest thing that he stole.

Coming up snowy with flakes everywhere

You should be glad the dog has fur and not hair.

The best thing to see is that look on the dog’s face

That big grin is worth the time in such a cold, wet place.

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