Hesitant First Steps

Staring with awe at the new fallen snow

The dog can’t believe what she sees with her eyes.

What kind of world is capable of this sort of disguise?

Curious to see just what it’s about,

She leans down her head to sniff it with her snout

For this is always the best way to know.


Surprised by the cold, she jerks back her head

Having learned only that from her quick foray down

And now you laugh at your white nosed clown.

She cocks her head but soon forgets you are there

Because something of greater interest has her aware

Of the dangers to you, that’s enough said.


Since you aren’t afraid, she decides to take a step.

With cautious moves, her paw stretches out of the door.

She’s no idea off the treat that is in store.

Her paws touches the ground and is quickly drawn back

As if the snow made with a cold winter attack.

Then she gathers her courage as she starts to prep.


Paw out again, her foot firmly on the ground

And another soon follows as a smile crosses her face.

The next thing you know she has quickened her pace.

Bounding and jumping out in the snow without fear

This is the point where you a snap a picture, right here,

To remember the joy as she first through the snow learned to bound.

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