Snow Attack!

Out there are dogs who have decided that snow is the foe.

Once this decision is reached you can’t tell them what’s what

Because at this point the dog’s made his mind up.

All you can do is sit idly by and hope that it will end soon

But knowing these dogs it can go from nine until well passed noon.


Who knows what they were thinking when deciding snow was so bad.

It’s not like at first there was any experience to teach up that lesson

Unless they feel like the snow makes an odd type of prison,

Trying to force the dog to stay indie of the door

But he won’t have that. Time to even the score!


Whatever the thought, it can be amusing to watch.

Snarling and barking the dog takes off to the outside

Baring his teeth and yapping instead of running to hide.

The next thing you know the dog is coated with the stuff

Regardless of the cold, he still acts so tough.


Then he goes in to finish the snow off.

Jaws open wide his mouth shutting around on a pile

Yes, this part can go on for a while.

At some point you’ll have to step in to extract him from his prey

After all you’ve other things to do with the day.

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