The Big Actions of Little Dogs

The bounding of a small dog through a field wrapped in snow

Is something that you will never forget.

Barely visible as it dash about on the go

By the end all their energy gone if you allow it.

As it takes every ounce of energy with so little to show.


With snow up to the bellies they have to bounce

Shaking whenever they reach a shallow spot

Then back into the fray they flounce,

They show their pride at flakes they caught

Only to be quickly distracted and on a new flake they pounce.


It’s really quite amusing to watch a dog in this kind of action

A little dog moving about in the snow.

When you are down it’s the best type of distraction,

Cause when it is done one thing you will know

If that little dog could dash in the snow, you too can win with the right reaction.

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